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I want an original topic (not bullying,etc.) and it also kind of needs to be fun to talk about and research.




  1. Guest10640

     Hey guys! I'm not much of any help but if you actually go through the list you will find a good topic! Thanks to this website I have found the topic superstitions which I WILL do my speech about!

  2. ughhh im a grade 8 girl i've been told that i'm a great writer but i can't choose my own topic we've just been given the speech assignment and the rough copy is due by friday :( alot of theese are great topics i can't only choose one currently debating on

    -the future


    -what comes first? the chicken? or the egg? (classroom joke)

    -why did  the chicken really cross the road? (again classroom joke)

    -and imagination

    hope this helps even if i am a little late moaybe for your next speeches?


    -Becca S

  3.  In grade 6 I did the beneifits of Facebook

    In grade 7 I did phobias 

    Currently struggling to find a new one. 

  4.  my speech TOPIC is due tommorow along with picking 3 opics and a paragraph with it about why  i wanna do it i dont have a clue plzzzxzzzz......  help

  5.  there are so many ideas for speeches but here are some hope they help!

    • why the titanic sank?

    • bird migration

    • volcanic eruptions

    • new age ( generations)

    • weird and funny phobias/fears

    • books

    • communications/media

    • is the global population a problem?

    • eliminating poverty

    • ways to reduce oil consumption

    • bullying

    • technology

    • internet safety

    • music

    • space

    • global warming

    • imagination

    • freedom

    • peer pressure

    • transportaion

    • procrastination

























  6.  I am thinking of something like poverty or what changes technology has brought to us?

  7. u can do it on anerexia, bullying, things that are occuring in the world japan earth quake, facebook, internet safety, teachers and how they would feel being in our place with soo much homework, cyber bullying, poverty, trends and how dangerous they can be sometimes or example the history of trends why people do them, tv and being a couch potato hope i helped! :D good luck every1

  8. Why Giraffes have long necks.

  9.  in grade 4 i did  my speech on volcanos, in grade 5 i did it on fashion brands, in grade 6 i did it on candy. all three years in a row i got into the finales. idk know wat to do this year though.

  10. i did mine on proposals and went all the way to regonals you make it really funny and interesting and they will love it...... remember to include about all the traditions :) hope that helped and i am in gr 9 :)

  11. my speech is due next thrusday.. i havent started and dont even have a topic, plus we're not allowed to use cue-cards... help with a topic pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee


  12. urmom

  13. Speech topics should be taken from the current happenings, like these days Japan has been hit by a massive tsunami, you can deliver a speech on the reasons for earthquakes, how to survive in a natural calamity. You can deliver a speech on conservation of natural resources, or any renown historical figure.


  14. history of the oreo cookiee , uhh, life of a short person, do aliens reallyy exist.


  15. just do it about how i come and l**k your a*****e and then stick my whole fisat up your a*****e too :)

  16. im having a rlly had time choosing what topic to do but one i think is a rlly gud idea to do ur speech on is speeches . hope that helped :)

  17. Hey, i feel your pain !  How about Amelia Ehrheart, Martin luther king Junior, Soc's and Greasers  (from The outsiders by S.E. Hinton), Google, The Waltons, Beleive it or not?, kids in the white house, If i were to become president (prime minister), Ipod, Apple, The Future, The creation of earth, What is space?, American Idol, Music, Love, How the calander ever came to be, Famous artists( Michaelangello, Da Vinci,...),On the sea floor, What causes weather?,Fish Tales,Disney Land,Tuff & Tough,Constellations, Its the law,Gems,Train a Dolphin, Titanic, Periodic table, The joy of a baby, Extreme  Earth, Barnum and bailey greatest show on earth, Footbinding, Strange sites

    *Sorry, its alot to read but i hope it helped somebody, and good luck with your speeches! :)

    * Also just a tip, if your doing a speech on something you buy you dont want to act like a walking advertisement bill board ;) hahaha :)

    Good luck!!

    ~Lorelei M. ♥

  18. Thriumph over Adversity. Prision Alternatives. Human Evolution theories. Fear and Phobias. Twin Paradox.The words that you have to type in to answer this question written in distorted form. 8-) I'm nerdy and rockin' it!

  19. well i was thinking something on stress for teens, or animal abuse. my teacher wants something new and a current issue though and stuff like global warming wont cut it. i dont want to choose teen pregnancy or abortion or something because some people will think its weird and because the guys in my class would think i was crazy

  20. here are some topics:

    • superstitions

    • asian legends

    • human cloning

    • dolly the sheep

    I hope it helped

  21. do it on curry or laughing or buttons or  dhoom machaaaaaaaaaaalli or asian invasion or CHEEEEEESEZ WHIZZZZZZ or aboration or speaches.  Hope it helped honeyyy<3

    by the way call this number if u need my mom who is awesome at speeches.



  22.   winter. You could write about fun things to do (skiing, skating), the weather and Christmas brake (2 weeks of no school). Last year I did the olympics. I'm looking for topic too also grade 8 girl.

  23. im in grade 8 and i hate doing speeches. i think the reason i hate doing them is because i cant find a good topic. last year my topic was sharks because i didnt know what to do. this year though i think im going to do why people sleep walk and talk in their sleep. thanks girls any other good ideas?


  24. kso...i am in grade 8 too and have been considering many options for speech topics and think i finally decided on facebook because it is something that every grade 8 student would be interested in. but before that i thought about doing many other topics suuch as dreaming, albert einstien, 2012, eating disorders, animal abuse a famous singer actor that the class is interested in-rihanna, kesha or.... k'nan would be interesting because you could write not just about his career but his past leading up to what he is now it is actually really interesting. you should consider that as a topic. anyway global warming is a classic but often ends up being pretty boring, texting,favourite disney movies/ characters. world records..... anyways hope i helped ;)


  25.  I am in the same dilemma and i HAVE to win this year because it has always been my dream! I have previously done pretty good but grade 8 is a big deal and i want to make it cool, you know?

    I got some really good ideas, thanks guys! <3

    Such as:

    - History of the Barbie

    - Toilet Paper

    - Sayings ; Why did the chicken really cross the road

    - Laughter is the best medicine

    - Chocoholics

    - Human Cloning

    - Perfectionists

    - Eating your mucas is good for you


    - Emma

  26. last year i did mine on social networking... just a thoughtt ! :)

  27. hmmm im in grade eight and im doing my speech on superstitions :P

  28. i need an idea very quick cause were presenting on monday please do hurry

  29. I have to write a speech in French, so I'm in really deep. Last year in grade 6 I did my concours (speech) on birth order and how it affects your personality, among siblings. It was very interesting to research. I would suggest doing a speech that has a personal connection to you, your life, your herritage or anything else you can relate to. I hope I could be of help.

  30. imaginations


  31. i have to do a speech too! im stuck between poverty, 2012, this Christian guy who got stuck in Haiti and the world w/out adults. o_0 please help! i need one by tmrw!

  32. heya i got da .prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect topic!!!!CHOCOLATE!!!!


  34. i did mine on A World Without Adults it was really funny i put it as a form of a dream and then heard footsteps it  was my mom saying.........................


  35. i noticed that a lot of these ideas were repeated over and over again so .. here is a speech that i did last year.., i am in grade 8 and i was askked to present it infront of the school i refused because it is kind of embarassing but anyway i did my speech on my friends imaginary word bunnyunnyopolis everyone loved it so just make up a world and describe who lives there what different things you can do in your world and just go with the flow!

  36. wow, these ideas are goooooood .. (N)


  37. What It's Like To Be A Kindergarden On The First Day Of School (prespective)

  38. when i was in grade 5 I did tasmanian devil, grade 6 the holocaust, grade 7 the 7 wonders of the world and this year I DON'T KNOW AND IT'S DUE TOMORROW!!!!!

  39.  i'm in grade 8 but from the uk we need speech btopics that argueagainst each other like we should make.....ilegal for and aginst any ideas thanks adam

  40. do something about wat freedom means to me cause i won the best speech in class for it in gr.8 or if i was my mom or dad for a day

  41. i neeeed ideas.

    speaches are due in 2 weeks.



  42.  heeey wuddup.... y'alls can makes a speech on yourself :) idunno..... GOOD LUCK!!!! 

  43. I've got some good topics from this site but none that just fully intrest me....

    ~ charlene <3

  44. you should write about g*y rights or homophopia in schools. most people or some people can relate

  45.  hi.... i have done 3 speechs so far .... these were my subjects: dare to dream,never give up..... if i had a million dollars......  how rejection failure and dissapiontment can lead to happiness sucsess and joy.... the last one was really easy all i did was state 5 different stories of how certain people at first failed but ended up secceding when they never gave up



    hope i help



  46.  hi.... i have done 3 speechs so far .... these were my subjects: dare to dream,never give up..... if i had a million dollars......  how rejection failure and dissapiontment can lead to happiness sucsess and joy.... the last one was really easy all i did was state 5 different stories of how certain people at first failed but ended up secceding when they never gave up



    hope i help



  47. kesha

  48. umm i did it on rollercoasters, um the olympics, and cartoon characters he hee ;)

  49. Last year i did healthy eating :).... boring ishh :P ... I  NEED A TOPIC NOW !!

  50.  do something cool that will get the guys and the girls interested.

  51. I'm also in grade eight and looking for a speech topic! I was thinking about doing Embarrassing Moments but now people have actually gotten me interested in doing the History of Barbies - any suggestions? 

  52. HI person im sure this answer is wayy overdue or w/e but i need a speech topic before christmas break is over for grade 4 i did cats vs. dogs----> it wuz wayy stupid

    and in grade 5 i did if kids cud rule the world-----> i did really good but i chickened out when the teacher told me 2 go infront of the school

    in grade 6 i did peer pressure----> ehh

    in grade 7 i did 2012------> it wuz a pretty good speech, but how lucky of me 2 go first so i started speed talking and basically lost my chance at winniung

    this year-----------> AHHHHHHHHHH! help i need a topic!

  53. you should do your speech on dreams! thats what im doing mine on! or human cloning... but that can get a little boring! i dunno you chose

  54. Hi, I am in the same place... and I have no idea what to do my speech on. Can you guys help me!!

  55.  You could do  The Worst Substitute Teacher I did that in Grade 6 it was funny :D

  56. thank you guys sooo  much! i  got a topic now i'm doing it on dreams and sleepwalking!! ;)

  57. Omg... I hafta have my speech Topic chosen by December 2nd.... :3 Hehe.. So i Googled "Speech Topics" (: Havnt gotten anything yet.. :/


  58. i did mine on barbies and there history, actually really interesting!


  59. Dude my speech is due tomorrow too!:) I'm doing mine on either Hollywood fashion(eg. lady gaga) or what insane things people do to be accepted in fashion...


  61. i am doing my on drinking and driving

  62. i'm doing mine on life being too short

  63. heres a good idea go f**k yourself in the a on staurday

  64. pubic hairs is a good topic cause i won nationals in texas 

  65. hi losers. i am not telling you

  66. umm....not many ideas from me. but thanx to the person who suggested the rubberducks..:)....i mite try that...:D

  67. hi :) thesse are some I have used and gone far with :
    -why we are lucky to live in canada... ( i don't know if that's where you live... but you could do why you are lucky to live in U.S or Europe or wherever)
    - what's gonna happen in 2012
    -interview somebody old then compare there childhood from back in 1920s or wutever to yours

  68. imma grade 8 girl too. i need a speech topic by tomrrow!!!!! plz help!!

  69. You could do "why did the chicken really cross the road."

  70. haha im in, like, the exact same situation ! I'm a Year 8 girl and I'm needing to write an informative speech - due tomorrow. It's really important to look at your hobbies or something that you like doing as it makes the speech more interesting for you AND your audience. I know, you probably see this everywhere but it actually really helps. If you still can't think of anything, look at the things you like eg. books or tv shows or even a computer game.
    If you still can't think of anything, then you're ... stuffed.

  71. i was looking through all these posts and each year I final in the speeches so there's always huge pressure for my speech topic to be good and im starting mine in august so when it come time to do the speeches ill just have to memorize. hope that helps. as for topics i found interesting:

    human cloning
    laughter is the best medicine
    only children being spoiled (id might not do that since it might be offensive)
    sleepwalking (i might do that for an english essay)
    chocoholics (probably doing this one)
    how stores get free advertising
    uniforms in school (probably doing this one too)

    p.s. i go to avalon and am going in grade eight and am a girl so if you fit this discription plz dont take the probablys!!!! hope this helped seriously!!!

  72. need a maths topic for an interskul oral conference for grade 8????? ani BRILLIANT IDEAZ???

  73. broken headphones -->

  74. hi !

  75. the holocaust

  76. last year i did "social Justice"

    i am still stuggling for one this year though.
    Any thoughts?

  77. I did a speech on rubber ducks! it was fun and you would be surprised at the amount of information you can find about them. the audience was interested and it is very original.

  78. Well, last year (i was in grade five) and my speech topic was sharks, but not about them being mean, but ways that they improve our inviorment and how we can't live without them. I won first prize after going through 3 competitions. Im sorry im not a grade 8. But I am a girl! Also, speeches are coming up this year and I need a new topic, but if its any help, you need a topic that will make the listener not want to shut you up.

    -hope I helped! ~Amanda :)

  79. Abortion
    Abuse Of The Elderly
    Abused Women
    Academic Dishonesty
    Academic Freedom
    Acid Rain
    Affirmative Action
    Age Discrimination
    Aging Population
    Agricultural Policy
    Air Pollution
    Airline Safety
    Alcohol Abuse
    Aliens and UFO's
    Alternative imprisonment
    Alternative Medicine
    American Education Reform
    Animal Experimentation
    Animal Rights
    Animal Welfare
    Anorexia Nervosa
    Arab-Israeli Conflict
    Armed Conflicts
    Arms Control
    Civil Rights
    Climate Change Policy
    Condoms In Schools
    Creationism vs. Evolution
    Dating Campus Issues
    Death Penalty
    Disabilities Act
    Domestic Violence Drug Policy
    Drunk Driving
    Endangered Oceans
    Endangered Species
    Espionage and Intelligence Gathering
    Ethnic Violence
    Family Violence
    Fat Tax On Food
    Foreign Oil Dependence
    Foreign Policy
    Foster Care
    g*y Marriage
    g*y Rights
    Genetic Engineering
    Genetically Engineered Foods
    Global Resources
    Global Warming
    Government Fraud and Waste
    Gun Control
    Hate Crime
    Health Care Policy
    Home Schooling
    Homeland Security
    Homeless in America
    Human Cloning
    Infectious Diseases
    Inner City Poverty
    Internet Chatrooms
    Islamic Fundamentalism
    Juvenile Crime
    Language Policy
    Legal System
    Marriage and Divorce
    Media Violence
    Medical Ethics
    Medicinal Marijuana
    Medicine Abuse
    Minimum Wage
    Missile Defense System
    National Tobacco Settlement
    Nuclear Technology
    Organ Donation
    Organized Crime
    Physician-Assisted Suicide
    Prison regime
    Race Relations
    Racial Profiling
    Rain Forests
    Religious Right
    Reproductive Technologies
    School Uniforms
    School Violence
    s*x Education
    Single Parent Families
    Social Security Reform
    Social Welfare
    Space Exploration
    Stadium Taxes
    Stem Cell Research
    Tax Reform
    Teen Pregnancy
    Term Limits
    Tobacco Industry
    Trade with China
    US Budget
    US War on Drugs
    Urban Terrorism
    Violent Video Games
    Voluntary National Testing
    War Crimes
    War On Drugs
    Water Resources
    Weapons Disarmament
    Welfare Reform
    Women in the Military
    Women's Rights
    Working Women
    World Trade
    there you go :)

  80. idk what to do so confussed i have 2 speches to do and idk what to do for either of them. will someone help?

  81. idk what to do so confussed i have 2 speches to do and idk what to do for either of them. will someone help?

  82. -why passing gas is contributing to global warming
    -why eating your mucas is good for you

  83. dunno

  84. Nerds.

  85. In grade 8 i did it on "did the chicken come first or the egg" its pretty funny and it's also informational like the evolution of the chicken and w/e

    2. Perfectionists
    3. Lucid Dreams
    4. laughter is the best medecine
    5. Mysteries to humankind
    6. wonders of the world
    7. How TV effects us youngstersss (hehe)
    8. How Michael Jackson wore the crown of the best artist of all time <3
    9. How much you miss Michael Jackson.
    10. what a great impact Michael Jackson made on the world.
    11. why weird these days is considered normal and why normal is considered weird.
    12. why is school boring (sometimes)?

    Hope these help a bunch of ppl. (: from evie~~~

  87. 20 f****n 12

  88. hmmm.. weell... theres
    -teen pregnancy
    -drunk driving
    -the medias affect on people
    -eating disorders
    -celebrities turning into little snobs
    -global warming
    -only children being spoiled
    -celebs biographies
    -the history of things like.. potatoe chips or paper clips?
      well... that's all i could think of, hope i was a BIG help..hahah :P

  89. I have to do a speach 2! and its due tomrow...
    but some good ideas i found were: why people dream and sleepwalk, guiness world records, procrastination (hehe), chinese new year, and chocoholics(why is chocolate soooo gooooood)
    hope that helped :)

  90. I have to do a speach 2! and its due tomrow...
    but some good ideas i found were: why people dream and sleepwalk, guiness world records, procrastination (hehe), chinese new year, and chocoholics(why is chocolate soooo gooooood)
    hope that helped :)

  91. cheese!

  92. ohh, jeeez, I cant decide on:

    Dreams, or

    Sleep walking, or

    what girls REALLY mean... O.o

    help anyone? :(

    btw, im in grade eight too AND im a girl so i feel your pain... -.-

  93. Heey, Im in the same spot here. But I am chosing between;

    -What women really say...
    -Why people dream

    But they're all gonna be in french. Goodluck :)

  94. Haha i just did my french speech on eating disorders among teenagers, and i have to do another speech, but in english this time. im going to do it on the history of the potato chip :)

  95. do it on how stores (aeropostale, hollister, etc) get free advertising out of people by wearing their logos and also about sweatshops

  96. Do something you enjoy!Have fun,but be aware you are getting marked!Also think about your teacher who listens and marks this,what do they think is interesting!Dont be a teacher pet and pick EXACTLY what they like but DONT pick what they hate!

    Do something like uniforms,montreal massacre,teen pregnancy and abortion,anorexia nervosa,bulimia,countries,ect ect!ENJOY and i hope it helped!:P

  97. my friends doing 2012 idk what im gonna do yet either. i was thinking maybe writing about uniforms? not sure tho.

  98. heeeeeeeeeey...i am in the same place i have to do a spech and i have no clue what to do....i am in grade 8 and i am a girl....i want a unique cool speech topic....dose any one have a idea...please help......and heeeey how is your life in your boring world....just wondering.

  99. hee heeeeeee!!!!!!! :]

  100. fat ppl and how to get skinny lol im only in grade 6

  101. ummmmmmmmmmmm do it on your dream day that would be cool!!!

  102. dreams
    adam sandler
    teen shows and why they are so predictable (im doing this, this year(: )

    -annaa !

  103. you should do global warming.

  104. heres an idea...try somthing funny or somthing that you enjoy....last year i did laughing

  105. yea.I have the exactly same question!
    I'm a gr.8 too!
    Can someone come and help??
    I'm going to die for having no ideas at all..

  106. you should do it about teenage pregnacy or the histor of a patato chip. thats was i did in grade 8 my teacher loved it.

  107. 2012

  108. I have the exact same problem! NO idea what to write about. I'm thinking  like something about H1N1 or world hunger. ?? I have no clue though! :S

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