Son refuses to take baths and shower?

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For the last month, when I tell my 13 y.o son to go have his bath or shower he refuses and says no, and after a argument he might go take one, but will not wash or wash his hair. He does get extremely dirty, and I threatened and alerady took away things such as toys, etc but that isn't helping. He hasn't hit puberty yet, and isn't interested in girls yet either.

What do I do? He hasn't had a bath for at least 10 days now.

I've even asked him why he doesn't want to,and he just says because he doesn't feel dirty and just boldly says because I don't want to.




  1. Richard R.Pastars

    Many people think it is naughty orit is disgusting.In your circumstance you need to give him a bath or shower his odor probably not very appealing.Take him into the bathroom take his clothes off and was him properly.It would be no different if you had to shower your dad when he is older who doesn't bathe often.

  2. Take him in to the bath room make him go nude and the u go nude and wash him in the shower . Then suck is c**k

  3. What utter nonsense, Yes he needs to understand cleanliness, you bathing is nt the answer contrary to what guest13052626 is saying. Her suggestion is illegal and morally repugnant and has no merit or truth to the matter. Shes in all probability a pedophile.
    I think grounding with no computer access or tv will do it. Are you a single parent? if so perhaps a male in your family can talk to him.
    Guest 5335 gives sound advice.
    Guest 6144 is also an idiot and in all probability has never raised a child
    Guest 6924, threats like that don't work and if you followed through you could be held liable for child abuse lady!!!
    Guest 7430-same as above
    The first premise of parenting is do no harm, set a time for you two to have a talk, somewhere where there is no distractions, be calm and try to gt a conversation going on your concerns, see what he has to say and address t ans see if a compromise can be met. By the way-how do you know if he has hit puberty yet?

  4. You must then give your son a naked tub bath. There are some parents including mothers who still bathe their sons when they reach the age of 13
    who have no mental or physical disabilities. He will then have to accept you seeing him naked every night. I would also recommend you give him his bath early or even before dinner and then he will have to put his pajamas on for the rest of the night.

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