Snowboarding in mid May to early June??

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I am trying to plan a snowboarding trip with a friend, but we both aren't free until after the first week in May. Is this an OK time to go? Where would be the best place? We were looking into maybe Loveland CO, but we really have no idea. We will both be first time snowboarders, and we need info on lodging, renting equipment, etc. Any advise you can give will be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you!!




  1. I know High Cascade has snowboarding camps during the summer months. I suppose as long as there's snow it doesn't matter when you go.

  2. Mammoth Mt. Resort in CA usually has snow that time of year.  The quality of snow turns to what they call "Corn", tho its still rideable.  Check them out, i've been there, nice place.

  3. Nobody knows for sure how long the snow will last, but this is shaping up to be an epic snow year.

    Look for high elevation and northern location - CO and WA might be better than North CA / Tahoe but on really good snow years I've seen resorts stay open until July 4!

    Good Luck

  4. Mammoth mountain is always a good choice, they usually stay open up into July, I already planned a trip for April.

  5. taking your chances but it is doable...keep in mind that as a beginner you will have additional struggles that late in the year--- first you wont be on powder or packed powder, it will be slushy and possibly icey making riding that much more difficult even for experienced riders, second, some resorts are open that late but with limited terrain which may not be suitable for beginners, third if it is warm and slushy and if you are falling alot like beginners do you will become very wet... that said if you do go through with this the lake tahoe area has some good resorts that may be open especially kirkwood--their high elevation holds the snow longer and keeps it in better shape than recommendation would be to wait til next winter and go during prime conditions to maximize your good time--the latest i've ever gone was mid-april and it was very slushy but it was cool to just wear a sweatshirt and see girls riding around in tank tops

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