Savage Fox Model B 16 Gauge

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I have inherited a double-barrel (side by side) 16 gauge Savage Fox Model B with 28 inch barrels (2 3/4 inch chamber). It was made at Chicopee Falls, Mass. (It does not appear to have a serial number.) It has two silver or nickel triggers, a somewhat dark stock and forestock which I assume are Walnut. (The forestock is not the beaver tail design and it does not have a s***w on the bottom side.) The underside of the action, i.e. just in front of the triggers, has a wildlife scene which appears to be ducks flying over a marshland.

I am curious about several things. First, I am wondering if the outside of the action was originally dark blue like the barrels or would it have been a brighter finish, i.e. more silver or nickel in appearance?

Secondly, the barrels don't indicate whether they are full choke, modified or whatever. Should I take it to a gunsmith for this information?

Finally, the gun is in good condition and I am curious about the approximate value. ?

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