Ryo Ishikawa decides to continue his American Tour amid crisis at home – Golf update

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Ryo Ishikawa decides to continue his American Tour amid crisis at home – Golf update
A battered and heavy-hearted Ryo Ishikawa has decided to complete his American tour despite the devastation and destruction back at home caused by the earthquake last week. Ishikawa stayed up all night before the Friday’s play of the WGC Cadillac Championship,
watching TV and desperately trying to contact his family in Japan. He finally was able to talk to his father before the second round and was relieved to know that they were doing fine.
"I wish I could go over there and assist with the search-and-rescue teams," he said. "In reality, even if I were to go back, there is very little that I could actually do. I couldn't bring them a whole lot of food or go back into the areas that were hit.
We're not allowed in there right now. The only thing I can do is train hard, play hard, play great golf and provide some good news for the people of Japan."
The 19-year-old golfing sensation from Japan grew up some 300 miles from the Miyagi Prefecture, the worst hit areas in Japan. The 8.9 magnitude earthquake that hit the country was followed by a large and devastating Tsunami. The event caused unprecedented
destruction of life and property and the country is still in a state of shock and disarray. Ishikawa talks regularly to his family, and wishes he could fly back to his country and help with the rehabilitation.
"I would love to win for the people of Japan, but that is a thought I always carry when I play overseas," he said. "Given this crisis, my motivation is at the highest it has ever been.”
Ishikawa had one of his best rounds on American soil at Doral when he fired 7-under par for 65 but was not able to finish off the tournament on a convincing note. He finished off 5-over for 78 to settle for the 42nd position. A celebrated teen
golfer in Japan, Ishikawa has not been able to achieve an equally inspiring career in the US. By the end of 2008 he became the youngest to reach the top 100 of World Golf Rankings.  He remained the top ranked golfer on The Japanese Tour throughout the year
2009. He lost to Ryuichi Oda on a playoff in the Japan Open the same year but was the top money leader with gross earnings of ¥ 183.52 million. At the GTO awards held every year in Japan, he was bestowed with nine awards, for the best scoring average  at 69.93,
best birdie haul of 4.42 and the best putting average of 1.724.
The young golfer is currently preparing for the upcoming Transitions Tournament starting at Copperhead Course in Innisbrook this week and the approaching Masters Cup in Augusta next month.



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