Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel says risk factor will always be there – Formula 1 news

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Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel says risk factor will always be there – Formula 1 news
Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull Racing, who should have been a happy man rejoicing over his back-back victories is rather gloomy at the tragic deaths of Motorsports stars Dan Wheldon and Marco Simoncelli.
Vettel won this season title at the 2011 Japanese Grand Prix, earning the accolade of being the youngest ever driver in Formula 1 history to earn double championships. Later on, his Red Bull Racing team sealed the constructors’ championship by topping the
rankings for this season. Both the celebrations brought with them a wave of bad news for the Motorsport world beginning with the death of Dan Wheldon in Las Vegas, US.
We all know how risky Motorsports can get, but the last two weeks have been very horrific for this sport following the accidental deaths of two drivers. First, the tragic death of IndyCar driver Dan Wheldon that left so many fans mourning, and then only
a week later MotoGP had to bear the loss of young Italian driver Marco Simoncelli at Sepang, Malaysia during what can now be termed as one of the scariest ever accidents to have taken place in the history of Motorsports.
Even though Vettel did not have a very close association with the late Marco Simoncelli, he still feels that his death is a terrible loss and he will always be remembered by his fans and colleagues.
Vettel said, “The moment I came back from Korea I heard about the accident of Dan Wheldon in America. Last week I sat on my sofa and watched the MotoGP and saw the crash of Marco. I wasn't a very close friend but I knew him and I met him this year.”
Vettel who has expressed his grief over the tragic deaths also highlighted that Motorsports is a highly risky affair and whoever chooses to become a part of it, needs to be well informed of the risks involved.
Despite all the efforts that have been taken in the recent years to make sure that on-track accidents and hazards do not happen, it is impossible to come up with a risk-proof race. The risk element will always be there no matter how many safety measures
are incorporated. Thus, the onus is on the driver to sort out his priorities well, to strike a correct balance between risk and the safety of his life.
Vettel said the current scenario of MotoGP and IndyCar Racing with respect to safety precautions of MotoGP and IndyCar Racing, still has room for improvement and with more amendments in future hopefully accidents can be avoided.
His teammate Mark Webber, commented that he feels safe while driving Formula 1 machinery, and for this weekend’s race he knows the risk associated but he is also confident about the safety of the car.



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