Raj Popat and Devi Tika Permatasari grab Mixed Doubles title at Maldives International

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Raj Popat and Devi Tika Permatasari grab Mixed Doubles title at Maldives International
Raj Popat of Wales and Devi Tika Permatasari of Indonesia emerged as the winner of the Mixed Doubles title after defeating Sri Lanka’s Hasitha Chanaka and Kavindi Ishandika Sirimannage in the final encounter of Maldives International Badminton Challenge
2012 on Sunday, June 3, in Maldives.
Popat and Permatasari, who have been playing tremendous badminton throughout the Maldives International, put up staggering show in front of the local crowd and thrashed their Sri Lankan rivals with an impressive margin on the board.
The in-form Popat and Permatasari played flawless badminton while remaining in complete control in the court and managed to tame their rivals in straight sets by taking just 32 minutes.
In the meanwhile, the Sri Lankan couple failed to maintain an impressive performance in the final contest against their spirited opponents and lost the final battle with a decent score on the board.
Right from the opening points, Popat and Permatasari tried to play with aggression but failed to establish a comfortable gap on the score board until the mid-game interval.
After the break, the Sri Lankans showed their brilliance by playing attacking badminton but they could not cope up with the perfection of their opponents.
Popat and Permatasari continued their controlled play in the court and managed to win the battle with a decent 21-17 margin on the score board.
In the following set, Popat and Permatasari again played positive badminton but their opponents were also quick this time.
The score was close from both sides as no couple could manage a big lead until the one-minute break.
After the break, the Sri Lankan shuttles geared up their speed at net to control the pace and also managed to earn a few points by executing perfectly angled smashes.
However, Popat and Permatasari took over the control again at the ending points of second game and managed to end it up with a four-point margin of 21-17.
Popat and Permatasari emerged as title grabbers as they ended the winning run of their Sri Lankan opponents in the title match and won it with a sensational 21-17 and 21-17 score on the board.



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