QUICK do 7th grade shots hurt??

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I am getting a physical and my shots for 7th grade in 2 hours and 30 minutes. Do they hurt. I'm so scared and HATE shots . plz tell me if they hurt !! i want the truth




  1. Guest59900

    I got them today and there is honestly nothing to worry about. The tdap stings for a second and is a little achy afterwards but I didn't even notice the nurse giving me the menangitis vaccine and it didn't ache after. Don't be scared and remember it is for ther better. I got to skip the whole que and go in first. This was much better for me because everyone was getting really scared waiting. If you have had the HPV vaccine, 7th grade shots are nothing in comparisson. I didn't even think that the HPV ones hurt. They were definitly much more achy after.

    Good Luck



  2. Guest58285

     I am getting my 7th grade shots soon! I am terrified but I'll probably look away and cry XD


  3. Guest33685
    im getting mine tommorrow i belive its just a prick in the finger
  4. Guest33505

     I got my sixth grade shot last year, did not fell a thing! trust me, it doesn't hurt. now anyone going to get there 7th grade shots for the 2015-2016 year? I'm getting mine in 2 days. Also I have to get 1 or 2 for school, and then also there's a booster I'm not sure HIV or something like that, it's a 3 series cancer shot. HAS ANYONE HAD IT? IM SCARDD!!! please let me know!

  5.  Tell me the truth if the seventh grade shot hurts. I am very scared. I have been worrying about it since the beginning of the year

  6. I am getting my 7th grade shots tommorow at 1:00 and it's a physical , and I thought I would come here for answers. I haven't got a shot in a while so I'm a lil' nervous. )= But I just look at the wall, stay very still & quiet and it's over in less than 2 seconds!! That's the best part.. no more than a minute. haha. Dont worry. I think I'm only gettin my 7th grade shot, 12yr old shot, possibly a T.V. test, and my finger pricked. That's all besides the basics. [[Checkup, hieght, weight, etc...]] PEACE

  7. Theres nothing to worry about. The more you think about it the more nervous you will be. Just think it will be over in less then 3 seconds. Don't even think of looking at the needle. Make sure you look away and think of something happy that has nothing to do with needles.

  8. I am really scared too! My cousin said she heard that they hurt A LOT!!! But i looked online and most people said, Not very much at all. Don;t worry! Count, one, two, three, have them do it and it will be all over!! Think of something you love, even squeeze your moms hand if you want. I am probably going to get mine on my next doctors appointment. BELIEVE ME, im not some know it all/ all that person who thinks, oh its nothing you babies but believe me im scared too!!!!


    Good luck everybody whos going to get them!!!

  9. last year i got one butt it killedd likee h**l but i didnt cry for the first ttimmee but im in 8th grade now and im leavn in 15 and apperently i have to gett 5 shotssss this is rediculous

  10. ok well im geting my shot in 30 minets for eight grade so nervious but last time i got a shot i dident feall any thing but im still sckared but i think im late 4 the doctors right now

  11. I am gettin 3 or 4 seventh grade shots in like 2 days and im terrified!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!! Am i going to cry???

  12. im getting my shots in 3 hours im terrified sombody please tell me how many u get and do they hurt.

  13. some 1 please tell me if 7th grade shts hrt

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  15. im scared to! if some one wants to have a flu shot you dont have to. if your from 2 to 18 you can get this thing where they spray this thing in your nose and your swine flu free. if u need to ask more just email me at jennyanna22

  16. idk but im about to get 8 shots in 5 hours and im in 8th grade and im sooooooooooooooooooo scared right now!!!!
    from a 8th grader replying does it hurt????

  17. im soooooooooooo scared of getting my shots 4 7th grade!!!!!!!! im getting them in just 2 hours!!!!!

  18. trust me they do not hurt i just got my six grade shot yesterday and it was scary when i saw the needle but its not even a pinch its like a small no tiny circle that piches you but in the form of the shot nothing will happen you'll be fine

  19. Not sure. But you are not the only one.  I'm getting my 7th grade shots in 8-9 hors from now. Now that you got the shots, maybe you can help me out.I'm sure they didnt hurt, right?

  20. guest 1510

    i am getting my six grade shot in exactly three hours i am so scared you don't even no and i wanted to no is it only one and the shot is in the arm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. well then why do people cry when they get shots

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