Popular places to shop for clothes in australia?

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what are the names of popular stores to shop at in australia? surf type shops like pac sun or roxy or something like that.

like what are the ones the teens shop at at the mall and stuff? thanks alot for your help! (:




  1. why is supre so disgusting? i love their tees but i havent shop there because im still in philippines but gotta move in australia this month.

  2. DFO in Essendon, so my niece tells me.

  3. jetty surf

    surf dive ski


    i personally prefer general pants co, it's not surf stuff but similar

    i also like to shop at myer basement

    i'm from melbourne and i personally usually shop in the city, highpoint, southland, i dont like chadstone

  4. SPORTSGIRL!!!! All the "cool" girls shop there!!! my fave shop. supre is for losers. its like $2 for a top.

  5. eh, supre its disgusting pls dont shop there.

  6. ICE





    anything with a brand name

  7. is your best option.

    Brands are listed here

  8. Well a popular one is unfortunatly "Supre" -shudders- all the popular girls shop there.

    People like myself (weird but not total loser =]) shop at JayJays.

    Seriously JayJays is like the best shop ^.^

  9. City Beach Is the shop where you buy roxy, billabong, havianas, kustom, jacks etc.

    Best store.!!

    =] or if you go down to the beach they usually have stores like that. Or you can acctually go to a Roxy Warehouse!

  10. You will find Citybeach stores - pretty much in all capital cities of Australia- they have billabong, roxy, quick silver and some skate brands too.

    On the gold coast (Queensland) they have billabong shops, and billabong outlets ( im not sure about other places ).

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