Please explain about attrition rate?

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Please explain about attrition rate?




  1. My dictionary says attrition is the gradual wearing down of someone or something, So I guess the attrition rate would mean the speed in which it's being done. Now as to where this comes into cricket, I don't profess to know.

  2. In sporting circles, attrition rate refers to the rate at which players are being injured. If a team has a high attrition rate, it means they have several players out due to injury. Similarly, if a match has a high attrition rate, it means there are several players getting injured in that match.

  3. Pretend that you are watching a long distance race involving motorcycles.

    Also, pretend you've been recording the results of motorcycle races for many years, and you know that of the 100 starters, the chances are that  20 will not complete the race due to mechanical failure.  The attrition rate due to mechanical failure is 20 percent (20/100) or one out of five.

    Let's also pretend that your statistics show that 20 of the 100 starters will crash.  Now, the attrition rate for crashes will be 20 percent.  

    Let's say that everyone else finishes.  So, you have 40% of the starters won't finish, or you have a 40% attrition rate of all starters.

    You can apply attrition rate to anything you wish as long as you keep good statistics about the successes and failures.  

    For example, there is an attrition rate of children born alive who do not reach their first birthday.  There is also an attrition rate for men (and also for women) who have reached their 90th birthday and who are not expected to reach their 91st.  

    If you were selling widgets, and wanted to warranty that they would not break for a year, you'd want to keep good statistics regarding the failures that happen during the first year.  This might be regarded as knowing the attrition rate of your widgets during the first year of use.

    That data would help you build into the sales price the cost of doing warranty repairs.  (This information could also be used for the improvement of the quality of your widgets by getting rid of the most common cause of failures.)

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