Pakistani hockey team thrash Malaysia at the 16th Asian Games winning gold after 20 years

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Pakistani hockey team thrash Malaysia at the 16th Asian Games winning gold after 20 years
Greenshirts have been turned golden in the final of the 16th Asian Games men’s hockey event beyond the expectations of hockey fans, lovers and critics when they thrashed Malaysia with convincing 2-0 at Guangzhou, China. 
Pakistan hockey team after winning the 8th gold medal after twenty years in Asiad has triggered the wide-scale celebrations and festivities across the country. It’s long ago when Pakistan lastly acquired the victory in the World Cup 1994 held in Sydney.
The win revived the smiles on the faces of Pakistani spectators, who were waiting the victory long ago. The roads, streets and TV screens were filled with the celebration songs, congratulations and joys after the last whistle announced the victory of Pakistan.
Pakistan hockey squad geared it up in the Asian Games and achieved which seems impossible for Greenshirts after poor performance in the World Cup and Commonwealth Games. They finished World Cup at chagrin 12th position the last in the event and 6th in the
Commonwealth Games out of eight teams.
The Greenshirts has an impressive track record against opponent finalist Malaysia with 66 wins and only three defeats, which really edged the Pakistani team in the final game. Pakistan had obtained record eight god medals, two silvers and three bronze medals
in Asiad since 1958 when hockey started in the event.
Greenshirts displayed a discipline game in the final against super-fine and unbeaten Malaysia to secure the victory. Pakistan in start of the match dominated the opponent Malaysia at all positions.
All time favourite and highest-scorer in the world with 317 goals, Sohail Abbas converted first penalty corner and put the Greenshirts on victory path.
Talking to reporters after the historic win, veteran Sohail Abbas said they are really happy as they achieved the Asiad after two decades, adding the Malaysia is a good team and they are arsing in the region very speedily.
To a query about retirement, Abbas stated that there is no fix age for sportsmen as it depends on fitness of players. He maintained that he is still young and would play for the country till he is physically fit. 
Captain of winning side, Zeeshan Ashraf said that he has no words to express his feelings at this victory after twenty years.
It is their turn to celebrate the victory after long ago; Zeeshan added saying that the gold medal was crucial in the Asiad as it was linked with the automatic berth in 2012 London Olympics. Commenting on the squad, he said that all the players performed
excellently and they achieved their aim by conquering the Asiad.
The most jubilant part of their victory is that the Pakistani nation is very happy, which is totally packed with problems and miseries, Zeeshan added.
Salman Akbar, the goalkeeper of Pakistan hockey team, who gave the victory to Greenshirts by saving a penalty stroke in the semi-final against South Korea, said that he is very happy by bringing the smiles back on the faces of Pakistani masses at such a
crucial time.
Manager of Pakistan team, who was also legend player of his time, Khawaja Junaid expressed in a delighting state of mind that it is a great time for them as their squad rendered outstanding performance in the tournament and revived the past glory of Pakistan.
He hoped that the spirit of players would be continued and they would win other international events.
President Pakistan Hockey Federation, (PHF) Qasim Zia declared the triumph as a big achievement for the country saying,
“This victory has given a fresh spirit to hockey in Pakistan and I am sure the squad will continue their journey in way to victories.”
Qasim Zia also announced cash rewards for the hockey team.
With the gold of Asiad, Pakistan has achieved the direct access to 2012 London Olympics, which surely will boost up their courage at European turfs.



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