Opinions on using a Dog to hunt rabbits ?

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What's everyone's opinions on hunting rabbits (or rats) with dogs ?

Personally I see nothing wrong with it.




  1. I have a beagle I use.  I go out when its in season and let my dog loose.  I follow him around and when the rabbit gets

    into the open i shoot it. Usally its not the dog that kills the rabbit. And do not listen to the activist they don't know the difference between hunting and abuse

  2. its only right if the dogs are killing them if they are destroying your crops (if your a farmer) if you just do it for fun, then thats sick

  3. Well, as long as you aren't doing it just to kill something for the fun of it.

    I see nothing wrong with it.

    God did put animals on the earth for US.

    I personally would never ever hunt rabbits.

    But, if I really needed to, I would hunt rats.

    Rabbits just seem to cute and fluffy and all that jazz.

    I mean, I have nothing wrong with rats.

    There are particular breeds that were bred for those exact reasons.

    So, I think that if you get some good Huntin' dogs that were bred for those reasons, I am sure they would love it!

    For the Rats the breeds that come to my mind are Parsons Russell Terrier ( Jack Russell Terrier ), Rat Terrier, and most any other Terrier Breed.

  4. There are far to many rabbits and rats around so I personally think culling them with dogs is a good thing. I get a lot of rabbits in my garden and my gsd`s catch them and eat them quite often. It means extra worming the dogs though to be on the safe side.

  5. i personally think its sick! xox

  6. I live on a farm & have Staffies, i don't like hunting as such, but they do hunt rats & mice. I wouldn't set them after rabbits etc, but that's just because i wouldn't want to prepare them for the dogs.

    My partner's collieXlab used to hunt hares & eat them as nature intended.

    I don't mind my dogs hunting mice/ rats, it's more natural & faster than poison.

  7. its what would happen in the wild isn't it?? and people have to do soemthing to keep the numbers down =]

  8. As long as hunting dogs aren't starved or dumped or basically if they're not treated badly, I have no problem with people hunting with dogs.

  9. I live on a farm and my 4 dogs are hunting rabbits and rats every day, my youngest GDS has killed 14 rabbits so far and about 5 mice, no rats yet though.  

  10. My opinion is that there are dogs that are bred specifically for that job.  Hunting rabbits - bassets, beagles to name just a couple.  For rats there are a variety of terriers that were bred to hunt and kill vermin - rat terrier for example.  Absolutely nothing wrong with using a dog for what it was bred to do.

  11. WELL.....I have always owned coursing Lurchers and ratting terriers, i love it, i know many people think i am cruel and i will get loads of thumbs downs but i don't care, for me it was a way of life, when i was small we had an awsome Lurcher who would catch 4/5 rabbits/hares a night, all would be gutted and fed our terrier and 2 cats, so no waste.

    EDIT wow, i can't believe the good responses you got, i thought everyone would be dead set against it.

    Although i am happy to hunt with dogs i have never and will never hunt with a gun, to me i i think it is cruel, the animals have no chance of escape and are often left injured, at least hunting with dogs gives the hunted a chance of escape, survival of the fittest, as nature intended.

  12. I would never kill anything  ever it is horrible would you liked to be killed by a dog

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