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  1. Guest57778
    I am looking for information on shares of Spindle Top Energy & Resources Inc.  Shares were purchased from M. Rash & Co. Limited, Toronto, Ontario, August 6, 1980.  I do know that the spindle Top name changed at least twice after original purchase date, but don't know to what names.  It looks like M. Rash is now defunct which makes me believe, these shares are also.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. Found 300 shares Geovex Petroleum Corp. dated Feb.17 1982 with Receipt from M Rash & Co Limited.  Is there anything that can be done with them?

  3. I found stock newmex gold resources inc. of 100 shares. What is this worth now.

  4. Found  600 shares of Pacific Automation Products, Inc., capital stock that belonged to my mom.  Can't find this company.

  5. QA communications is now Leader Capital, I think on a 20 to 1 consolidation.  Leader are going private as of Feb/09 at .51 per share.  Contact Equity Trust in Toronto for info.


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