New Winter X Games 2012 app released for iPhone, iPad and Android

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New Winter X Games 2012 app released for iPhone, iPad and Android
With the latest edition of Winter X Games just around the corner, an all new Winter X Games 2012 app has been released for iPhone, iPad and Android.
The new application will be enabling the action sports fans to have an access to the action from the up-coming mega-event right in the palm of their hand, with their fingertips not only enabling them to view the contests live, but also provide them with
latest news, highlights and personalised event schedules among many other things.
The complete list of features of the new app includes Video Highlights, Live Results, Schedule, News, Athletes, X Cast, Social Media and Guest Info.
The Video Highlights feature will enable iPhone, iPad and Android users to view and share the best runs, tricks and other highlights from the Winter X Games Aspen 2012 contests with their friends.
The new app will also allow the fans to get live results on their hand-held devices. They will immediately become aware of the gold, silver and bronze medallist, along with the scores that served to get them on the podium.
The Winter X Games 2012 app will also offer the event schedule, making the action sports fans aware of the date and time at which their favourite winter action sports contest is to go down. It will allow users to know when to tune in to their televisions
or catch the action live through their computer or mobile devices.
Action sports fans will also keep getting the latest news about from Aspen regarding the on-going competition and the athletes.
Those looking to learn a little more about Winter X Games competitors and their favourite athletes will have access to the competition history of those athletes, along with helpful tune-in information in the contests that they will be competing in.
With the X Cast feature, the iPhone, iPad and Android users will not be deprived of the action in Aspen for even a minute despite being miles away, thanks to live streaming webcasts from the event site. It will also offer exclusive Athlete Chat Series and
Inside X to further enhance the experience of the user.
The Social Media feature will keep the app user connected with the rest of the world through integration of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and GroupMe.
The Winter X Games 2012 app will provide assistance to the fans that plan on visiting Aspen to catch the action life. The application will help them find their way around the venue, find parking and learn about other services that will be available for the
Winter X Games Aspen 2012 will go down in Aspen, Colorado, from January 26-29.



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