Need nouns that describe people?

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Need nouns that describe people?




  1. daniele alberti
    Actor, Addict, Adulterer, Adventurer, Aggressor, Agitator, Alcoholic, Amateur, Anarchist, Angel, Animal, Antagonist, Arch-villain, Artist, Atheist, Authority

    Babe, Baby, Backseat-driver, b*****d, Beauty, Beginner, Believer, Bigot, Bigshot, Bimbo, Blabbermouth, Black-sheep, Blockhead, Boaster, Bohemian, Bonehead, Boob, Bookworm, Bore, Born-fighter, Boss, Braggart, Brain, Brat, Brown-nose, Brute, Buddy, Buffoon, Bully, Bum, Busybody, Butterfingers

    Capitalist, Careerist, Celibate, Chameleon, Champion, Character, Charmer, Chatterbox, Chatterer, Chauvinist, Cheapskate, Cheater, Chicken, Child, Christian, City-slicker, Clown, Comedian, Comforter, Comic, Communist, Complainer, Compulsive, Conformist, Connoisseur, Conservationist, Conservative, Copycat, Cow, Coward, Crab, Creep, Critic, Crook, Cry-baby, Culprit, Cutie, Cynic

    Daredevil, Darling, Daydreamer, Deadbeat, Deceiver, Degenerate, Delinquent, Democrat, Deviate, Devil, Devil’s-advocate, Diehard, Dingbat, Diplomat, Disciplinarian, Dog, Doll, Do-nothing, Dope, Dreamer, Drifter, Drudge, Drunk, Drunkard, Dude, Dumbbell, Dummy, Dunce

    Early-bird, Eavesdropper, Eccentric, Egghead, Enthusiast, Expert, Extremist, Extrovert

    Failure, Fake, Faker, False-friend, Fanatic, Fashion—plate, Feminist, Fighter, Flirt, Follower, Fool, Fox, Freak, Friend, Fruit

    Gambler, Gangster, Geek, Geezer, Genius, Gentleman, Giant, Glutton, Go-getter, Gold-digger, Good-Samaritan, Goody-goody, Goof, Gossip, Gourmet, Granny, Grouch, Grumbler, Grump

    Ham, Hanger-on, Hardhead, Hard nose, Heartbreaker, Heathen, Heavyweight, Hermit, Hero, Hick, High-flier, Hippie, Homebody, Homemaker, Honey, Hoodlum, Hopeful, Hotshot, Humanitarian, Hunk, Hypocrite

    Idealist, Idiot, Imbecile, Incompetent, Individual, Individualist, Inferior, Innocent, Innovator, Intellectual, Introvert, Invalid

    Jackass, Jerk, Jester, Jock, Joker, Junkie

    Klutz, Knockout, Know-it-all, Knucklehead

    Ladies’-man, Lady-bountiful, Lady-killer, Lawbreaker, Lazybones, Leader, Lecher, Left-winger, Lefty, Liar, Liberal, Life-of-the-party, Lightweight, Loafer, Loner, Longhair, Loony, Loser, Loudmouth, Love, Lunatic, Lush

    Machine, Madman, Maniac, Master, Mastermind, Matchmaker, Materialist, Menace, Merrymaker, Militant, Misfit, Moderate, Money-grubber, Monster, Moocher, Moron, Mortal, Mouth, Nag

    Neurotic, Night-owl, Nobody, Noise-maker, Nonconformist, Novice, Nuisance, Nut

    Obsessive, Obstructionist, Opportunist, Oppositionalist, Optimist, Organizer, Outcast, Outsider

    Pacifist, Packrat, Pain-in-the-neck, Pal, Paranoid, Party-girl, Party-pooper, Patriot, Peacemaker, Perfectionist, Pervert, Pessimist, Pest, Philosopher, Phony, Pig, Pioneer, Playboy, Player, Playmate, Plaything, Pleasure-seeker, Plodder, Poet, Pothead, Practical-joker, Pragmatist, Predator, Prima donna, Pro, Professional, Profiteer, Protagonist, Protector, Psychic, Psychopath, Psychotic, Punk, Pushover

    Quack, Quick-thinker, Quitter

    Racist, Radical, Rat, Realist, Rebel, Recluse, Redneck, Republican, Right-winger, Ringleader, Riot, Romantic, Romeo, Rowdy, Runt

    Saint, Samaritan, Savage, Savior, Scapegoat, Scaredy-cat, Scatterbrain, Scoundrel, Screwball, Scrooge, Scum, Sensationalist, Sentimentalist, Sexist, s*x-maniac, s*x-object, Sexpot, Showman, Show-off, Shrimp, Sinner, Sissy, Sitting-duck, Skeptic, Slacker, Slave driver, Sleepyhead, Slob, Slouch, Slowpoke, Slug, s**t, Smart-aleck, Smarty, Snake, Sneak, Snob, Snoop, Snot, So-and-so, Softy, Somebody, Speculator, Spoilsport, Sport, Sportsman, Sportswoman, Square, Star, Stereotype, Stick-in-the-mud, Stickler, Stinker, Stoic, Storyteller, Strategist, Stud, Stuffed-shirt, Success, Sucker, Sweetheart, Sweetie, Sympathizer

    Talker, Tattler, Tattletale, Tease, Teaser, Teenybopper, Tenor, Thief, Thinker, Tightwad, Tomboy, Tormentor, Tough, Traditionalist, Traitor, Tramp, Trash, Traveler, Troublemaker, True-believer, Turkey, Twerp, Twit, Two-timer

    Ultraconservative, Unfortunate, User

    Vandal, Vegetable, Vegetarian, Victim, Victor, Virgin

    Weakling, Weasel, Weirdo, Whiner, Whizkid, Wimp, Winner, Wino, Wise-guy, Witch, Womanizer, Worker, Workhorse, World-traveler, Worm, Worrywart, Wreck

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