Need help moving to perth!!!?

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I live in Adelaide (SA) who wants to move to Perth (WA). I am wondering

1. How much would it cost for a group of 5 adults to move to Perth?

2. What is the best way for them to transport all my furniture to Perth (any suggestion or any good company they should try)?

3. What is the best way for them to move a van and a car to Perth (any suggestion)?

4. Where is the best area or suburbs for me to move in Perth and whether they have high school and shopping centre nearby?

5. How much does houses cost to rent in Perth for a house which has 3 - 4 bedroom and two bathroom and toilet?

6. How is the transport system in Perth?

7. How quick can I get a job there?

Thank you for your help!!!!




  1. 1. allow about $10K

    2. Allied Pickfords

    3. Car truck (cheaper than train)

    4. Best suburbs are Peppermint Grove, Claremont, Dalkieth, Applecross, - anywhere on the River west of the city. They also have the best schools, like Wesley, Scotch, MLC, Aquinas,

    5. From $360 per week (in the bad areas) upwards into the thousands.

    6. Very poor, You need a motor car to do your shopping and dropping off the kids etc. There are only 5 train lines.

    7.Very very quick. Almost every employer is finding it difficult to fill jobs at all levels and it's quite common to see wages being offered at 50-100% greater than the same time two years ago.

  2. check out the net and it will answer all your questions

  3. 1-3. As Caroline said

    4. You didn't stipulate a price range, so Caroline is right those suburbs on the river are the absolute best, but you must be a multi-millionaire to even have a look in.

    5-7 As Caroline said.

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