Moving to Pretoria with Small children

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  1. Moving with young children under the age of five can be a difficult for any parent, because such random change can upset their sense of security. However There are few techniques you can take in order to minimize the stress and help your child to feel more relax in your time of upheaval. Try to include your child in your discussion about moving and try to explain the reasons why you have to move and provide them in terms that your child can understand. If you are moving because you have outgrown your current residence then tell to your child that while you love this house very much and have had some great times here it is getting too small. Elaborate that you have to find a bigger place to stay just like she had to buy a bigger shoe because the old one got too small. If you are moving because of a job transfer then informed him that you have to move because you daddy got a new job or new house will be very closer to their school. Try to take your child along with you to house hunt and permit them to stay as long as possible in the potential house. Take them around the house and tell him about those things that are familiar to them, for instance a child's room, the fridge and stove, the TV. Give a running description that how life will be in the new place. All these things will help him to adjust mentally in a new home.

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