Matthew Selt looking to get back in business during new season campaign

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Matthew Selt looking to get back in business during new season campaign
Start of the new snooker season did not bring any good news to the English potter, Matthew Selt as he crashed out of the qualifying session of the 2012 Wuxi Classic snooker event in the final round. He was up against the former World Snooker Championship
winner, compatriot Peter Ebdon and lost to him by 4-5 in the fourth round qualifier.
Missing the first major ranking snooker event was indeed a major blow to Selt’s campaign as he wanted to begin the new season with some higher performance that he showed in the previous season. In the absence of legends like John Higgins and Ronnie O’Sullivan
in the new season events, Selt was hoping to get a strong position in the line-up but a slow start pushed him down.
He kept his good run intact and tried his luck in the second major ranking event of 2012 Australian Goldfields Open snooker event. He played brilliantly in both of his qualifying matches against Thepchaiya Un-Nooh of Thailand and Jamie Jones from Wales.
He grabbed convincing wins over both of his opponents by the score line of 5-3 and 5-2 respectively.
He reached the quarter-final stage of 2012 Australian Goldfields Open but lost there at the hands of Barry Hawkins. After that he could not clinch any noticeable victory and even missed his chance to appear in the 2012 Shanghai Masters. The English potter
is now trying to find his true spark in the new season so that he can make a better run in the circuit.
In his recent post on World Snooker website, Selt wrote, “I was enjoying it and handling the pressure well. It's the first time I have had that feeling and there's a big difference between telling yourself you can win tournaments, and actually believing
it. I'm looking forward to being in that situation again.”
He added, “Other than playing, I didn't do much in Australia as I wanted to keep focussed on the event. I went out one night with Mark Selby and his manager Mukesh. And another night I managed to get into a couple of rows with other players, which helps
keep things interesting!”
He will be appearing in the UK Players Tour Championship (UKPTC) next and after that in the 2012 World Snooker European Tour. Selt is hoping for a positive outcome from these two events.


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