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    Hi Sharon,

    Your husband is not doing something right. Maybe he's just not talking to the right people or saying the right thing. It's hard to say without talking with him to see exactly what he's doing.

    A lot of distributors in companies right now during this recession cannot afford more than $30 - $50 per month to buy their company's products. This essentially forces them out of business because they cannot build up their residual income fast enough to cover their monthly expenses required to maintain their distributorship. Your husband might reduce his auto-order to an amount that is more affordable. Then, once his check passes it, he can bump it up and buy more.

    I would also recommend that your husband shift his focus to retail sales of the product and plug-in to company trainings to help with his marketing of the business opportunity. He might find that selling the product is actually easier than recruiting people into the business.

    I'd be glad to speak with him for you if he's needing support and unable to get it from his upline.

    Expect Success,
    Shannon Denniston
    (859) 498-4729


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