How is Life in UAE?

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I am a lover of the Middle Eastern culture, but especially the UAE. One day I hope to either work/live in, or just visit the country. I wanted to know how are people from foreign cultures treated there? I know that, unlike other Arab countries, UAE are more respectful and acceptable of other religions. Personally I am a Bosnian Muslim, living and working in the United States. So tell me in general how is life in your country.  

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  1.  If your are going to UAE to enjoy life then it is full of colors. You can entertain your self with things which happen in places like Amsterdam. 

    You can easily find casino club or bar at almost ever corner. Things like car racing, horse racing and more are also a part of UAE. A long list of star hotels including 7 star hotels as well in the list. 

    But if you are in UAE to start a career to attain your dreams then it is very tough in UAE. The working conditions are very tough. 


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