Lewis Hamilton says, it’s like ‘Schumacher’ all over again on the grid: Formula 1 News

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Lewis Hamilton says, it’s like ‘Schumacher’ all over again on the grid: Formula 1 News
McLaren’s driver Lewis Hamilton has recently reported to the media with a fact that at this moment Sebastian Vettel’s performance is very similar to Mercedes' driver Michael Schumacher, when he was dominating on the grid before his first retirement from
Formula 1 in 2006.
Schumacher was very strong driver of Formula 1 until his short exit from the grid in 2006. He really enjoyed one of the best days of his life and won seven time world championships in his race seasons.
Now, that the time has turned back in favour of Vettel, as he won the 2010 World Championship and in the ongoing 2011 season. He kicked off to a very strong season and is still performing very well, among the other strong contenders.
The current world champion recently, won his third race victory in Turkey, however he is been holding 93 supportive points for this year’s title. He got his victories in three of four races, until now.
However, Hamilton, who was at the top place in the Shanghai race weekend, said that McLaren has a ‘big gap’ of 34 points from the Red bull team.
He added, "But what can I do? He's not really the guy we're racing. It's all the other guys - Webber, Jenson, Fernando, and Massa. That's really where the fight is because it's too easy. He was cruising in Sunday's race, for sure, and I've got to be on the
ragged edge to try and get every little step I can possibly get.”
Despite the Red Bull’s impressive form in the ongoing season, a British driver insisted that it is possible for the team to beat and catch Red Bull drivers in the remaining races.
He went on to mention, "Then we might see at the next race they will have a bigger upgrade than us, and it will be the same again. But the gap is only a win and a bit, so for example if he doesn't have a good race in Barcelona and we win we're back in the
fight again.”
McLaren will start its Spanish Grand Prix, with more upgrades in their car.



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