Jim Thome nostalgic of his two years with Minnesota Twins - MLB Update

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Jim Thome nostalgic of his two years with Minnesota Twins - MLB Update
Game against the Minnesota Twins reminds Jim Thome of his days with the club and how he won many laurels in their uniform. During his entire career, he has played for various clubs, but the most cherished moments of his enviable career, as he stated, have
come with the Twins.
Currently, Thome is playing for the Philadelphia Phillies, as part of his second stint with the club. He is going through the penultimate moments of his career. From the way he has fared so far in 2012 regular season, it will not be hard for anyone to determine
as to how long he can stay in the world of baseball.
Before he sustained a sore back injury and was put on Disabled List, his performance downgraded to the lowest ebb. For a struggling offence like the Phillies', it was the last thing the club wanted. He failed in almost every game to live up to his credentials
as a slugger.
However, on his return from injury, he has looked relatively better. With much improved performances in the last few games, he has taken his batting average to an impressive .270.
Aware of the fact that Thome has depleted and can no longer be productive in making plays, the Phillies have made it clear that they will not be playing him in the field.
Knowing that time in the baseball is nearing an end, reliving old memories is a natural occurrence. For a player like Thome, who has been through a lot in the world of baseball and has experienced all the twists and turns in his career, growing nostalgic
about glorious moments is inevitable.
Thome will be conducting a conversation with Phillies’ manager Charlie Manuel over his role for the club, in the next few days.
“As we go through this week, that’s something we’ll sit down and talk about,” Thome said. “I definitely want to sit down with Charlie and go over that and see what the next phase of that is.”
At the moment, Thome is playing as a designated hitter, a job which can be done only when inter-league games are underway. Therefore, for whatever number of remaining games he is left in his career, he will like to make the most of them.



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