Is there any difference between the terms "drunk", "stoned", and "wasted"?

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  1. Stoned means the state of being affected by one or more psychoactive drugs. It can also refer to the effects caused by the ingestion of poison or by the over consumption of normally harmless substances.

    Drunk means being intoxicated by consumption of alcoholic beverages to a degree that mental and physical faculties are noticeably impaired.

  2. drunk is alcohol,

    stoned or trashed or baked or ripped is pot

    wasted is alcohol and pot

    muntie, or munted is xtc

    on the nod is heroin

    tripping is LSD or pot

    speeding is amphetemines

  3. drunk and wasted refer to having consumed an alcoholic beverage where stoned is consuming a drug such as marijuana

  4. drunk-means you are just being obnoxious and annoying while drinking.

    stoned- that happens when you smoke weed.

    wasted-is when you are so drunk you can't understand why the drink tastes like air and when you stand up to leave you trip and fall, because the floor has suddenly switched to being uneven.  Basically down is up.  So you go home and get high, and pass out on a friend's or stranger's couch and wake up in the morning wondering where the f____ you're at.

  5. I believe I can qualify as an authority as I experience all three stages on a weekly basis ,

    drunk= to much alcohol

    stoned = just enough weed

    wasted= excessive amounts of either substance, or both.

  6. LOL - nah - they all basically mean "idiotic"

  7. 'Stoned' and 'wasted' can also be accomplished with marijuana, too, whereas  you can only get 'drunk' by either drinking, or by being hit in the head, eg. "punch drunk"

  8. drunk=had to much alcohol to drink

    wasted=had WAAY to much alcohol to drink

    stoned= high off of some drug (usually weed)

  9. drunk and wasted mean alcoholic...stoned is getting high of some other drug

  10. dumb, bumber and dumber-er

  11. DRUNK- feeling good after a few drinks and not out of control.

    STONED- usually used when high off of weed, but can be used for other drugs.

    WASTED- had too many drinks and either out of control or not capable to function and about to pass out.  You will def feel it the next day!

  12. drunk and wasted have to do with being under the influence of alcohol, while being stoned means you're under the influence of's synonymous with  "high".

  13. Drunk , obviously means alcohol -- stoned may mean pot or other drugs and waasted might mean any of the above--but what is important to note here is that any and all of the above all mean a lack of self control. Any and all of these can have minor or major consequences. Moderation is always the best case scenario.

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