Is there a non lethal 38 caliber bullet?

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Is there a non lethal 38 caliber bullet?




  1. If you can load your own, sand and rocksalt work well at close range.

  2. Speer used to market a plastic cartridge that you loaded with a magnum primer. A hollow plastic bullet was loaded into this. Hang a target on a large carboard box with a bathtowel suspended half way through. Accurate to about 20 feet. Put a good mark on you, but not lethal unless inhaled.

  3. Less than lethal riot control ammunition is available in many calibers, including 12 gauge, and some larger units that resemble Claymore mines. As so few police departments use .38 now, its questionable if any one makes it. As said, it's less than lethal. Like stain - less steel, which can rust, less than lethal can kill under some circumstances. Even a BB gun can kill if the pellet is introduced into blood flow and arrests the heart. That happened a few years ago, unfortunately.

    The polymer formulation is designed for the high temperatures and scuffing encountered in barrels. Normal cleaning will remove it.

    In use, less than lethal ammo is fired a prescribed distance from the target, and is usually directed at the ground to ricochet into the legs. This method reduces inadvertent blinding or other unintended hits to various soft targets. Nonetheless, in the dynamics of crowd control, anything could happen.

    I rank "non-lethal ammo" right alongside of "shooting to wound." You have to be an highly trained, Olympic level tactical shooter to guarantee the results. Fortunately, we can see them at work on most TV shows every night of the week where they can earn a living.

  4. Even blanks can be lethal.  If you don't believe me just ask Jon-Erik Hexum or Brandon Lee.  Opps!  You can't ask them.  They're dead.  Killed by guns... Loaded with blanks!  As another poster already stated, even rubber bullets can be fatal.  Wax bullet can be fatal too, so the answer is:  No.


  5. Anything fired out of a gun can be lethal.  Why would you need non-lethal in the first place?  If you feel the need to point a gun at someone, then it had better be a lethal force encounter. If you did not need real bullets, then you didn't need the gun in the first place.

    There is no such thing as a non lethal bullet-only less than lethal.  

  6. Scientists and R&D guys are searching for the non-lethal bullet. No luck yet (bullets are getting deadlier. Ironic.) The rubber bullets can be lethal under certain conditions and will jack up a gun if not used properly.

  7. Yes the only one kind I know of are called BLANKS.*

  8. No

    lethality is the whole point of a "bullet"

    Even those "rubber" bullets used in riot control can be fatal.

  9. There is no such thing as a non-lethal round.

    They are called less than lethal.

    A blanks only handgun can kill if you hold it close enough.

    As for a less than lethal .38?

    Look for a rubber slug, just be prepared for it to ruin your your barrel as it melts.

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