Is karate any good?

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  1. I have been taking karate for 5 years and im 14 and i started when i was 10. My grandpa is a World Chap for karate and he is a 6th degree black belt and he started his own karate school 5 years ago. i help him teach class im the Head caption of my group and we have a lot of kids that come to are school. the youngest is about 4 or 5 and the oldest is 19! Karate is my life. Im a National Karate Camp! I enjoy karate soo much! right now im a green belt but im going up for my purple belt in 2 weeks and i take Shorei ryu. My karate team name is Team P.A.K.T and we are also part of Team Sharkey! Karate helps you on how to defend your self and how to work around a person trying to jump you or what ever. Karate can help you in many ways. Karate is good but other ppl might not think so. its really up to you on if you think it is any good! i love karate like i said karate is my life!! (: <3

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