Is it true that WA is desparate for people to relocate there?

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My partner and I are looking at relocating, after seeing numerous TV programes and advertisments asking people to relocate to WA. However it seems almost impossible to get into the mining industry which is where they were screaming for people to go?? Is this true that they are desparate for people to move to WA and if so, what is the best way to get into the mines.




  1. We aren't desperate for people to relocate here if they cant get jobs. There is strong demand for people in many areas, not just mining. This is in part due to people leaving their jobs to go into mining.

    The catch is that you must be employable, that is have the skills needed or be prepared to do the work offered.

    In regard to mining for example, drillers assistants (offsiders) are always in demand, but its hard physical work that requires working away for between 14 and 21 days at a time, but doesn't require any prior quals other than a truck drivers licence.

    Electricians and fitters with experience in heavy industry are in high demand and can get huge hourly rates.

    Most of the 'grunt' labour in mining is provided by sub-contractors, not the likes of BHP and Rio Tinto. So you have to get in touch with the contracting companies about most jobs. Like most job hunting, it requires a little effort.

  2. Take a look at ::: - click the link 'Click here to order the free DVD' which will take you to their contact page. On the DVD it will tell you everything about working in the mines.

    Another webpage on 'where to begin' on mining jobs -

    Other sites::::

    Everything you need to know about migration to Western Australia see -

  3. You didn't say what skills he has.

    So try and get his resume to mine contractors like McMahon's, Leighton's, Henry Walker Eltin, etc. If you want a job up there too try SHRM, and the other caterers. It's all fly in fly out on a rotational roster, but you can base yourself in Perth, Bunbury or Busselton as the planes fly direct to each.

    There are many mine sites, not just in the Pilbara. There's the mid west and Goldfields, and Great Southern.

  4. i hope we dont get anyone here, i like it silent here, its better but i guess you and your partner can come except please dont bring the whole family! (dont wanna be rude tho) i guess getting into the mines isnt real easy but heres a site for you

    then i guess ill see you soon! goodluck!

  5. I relocated from Victoria to a town called Geraldton, in December. I love it!

    Before driving across the Nullarbor I applied for just one job in the State Government Health Dept, and they offered it to me just 3 days later! I didn't even have time to apply for other jobs...lucky its a nice interesting job in a secure Government department.

    WA needs qualified staff, mainly in the country regions. We need nurses, health workers, teachers, and trades people. Many of those professionals have gone up North to drive trucks for $100,000 a year but believe me that is not a glamourous lifestyle. It is hot, boring, long hours and there is nothing to do when you are 1000kms from the ocean!

    Consequently though a big gap has been left in non mining sectors and the jobs that were vacated now need to be filled. You wont get $100K pa driving trucks in Geraldton but you will get to see the ocean everyday, pick and choose your ideal job, buy cheap land, and live in a climate with an average of 8hrs per day of sunshine all year around.

    The downside is we don't have the housing to set them up. It takes 2 years to get a house built because of the skills shortage. Prices have gone up too.

    But yes, we need people. One report indicated WA needs 400,000 skilled workers to fill the gap and to sustain the resources boom. That is is 20% of the current WA population of just 2 million.

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