Is it true that Neopets are jealous of Webkinz?

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  1. neopets are not hurting webkinz but webkinz did copy them

  2. neopets are not hurting webkinz but webkinz did copy them

  3. Yes, this is true. Romor has it, there so jelous, there hacking in accounts, killing other webkinz, and trying to make people hate and be scared of the website webkinz. This is probably because webkinz copied neopets, and this is their fourm of payback. But those are jsut romors, and I can't go around spreading choas at something I've never experianced. Anyways, Neopets has a great reason to be mad, but has no right to hurt kids on webkinz. Parents even agree that there kid has experinced there virtual webkinz being killed! If it's true, Neopets  needs to stop.
       Anyway, once again, yes it is true. Sadly, this world has come to coping. Even though I hate the sight neopets and loves Webkinz, I have to agree it was wrong of them to copy. Plus, they took most of their buisness.
       So there you ahve it, the answer to your question, after all that: yes.

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