Is AMTC auditions a scam?

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I'm going soon, and i'm scared its going to be like a scam.




  1.  I attended AMTC in both 2008 and 2009. One of the most organized, well-run, encouraging and inspiring organizations I have ever been a part of.

    It would be silly to go to a ballet studio and say "I would like for you to provide me with the resources to become a professional ballerina, but you should not charge me, because professionals ballerinas do not have to pay to perform."

    Talent should not have to pay an agency for representation, that is correct. However, AMTC is not an agency and has never claimed to be one. They train performers, and provide them with connections into the industry. While they offer tons of scholarships and financial aid, of course there are fees associated with this.

    Does AMTC guarantee that everyone who goes through their program will become an A-list celebrity? Definitely not. This would be a silly thing to promise, as the success of talent is widely determined by the performers themselves.

    Does AMTC guarantee a faith-based curriculum, VIP workshops, top-industry training, a supportive community, and connections to some of the top agencies/managers/record label producers/casting directors in the industry? Absolutely. AMTC goes above and beyond what they (genuinely) explain to performers.

    Please do not make an assumption about this company based on your own interpretation of a billboard, radio advertisement, scam reports (from people who have not been through the program), or hear-say. Visit the website for yourself, attend a (free) information session and audition, or speak with people who have walked through the program. Give Actors, Models and Talent for Christ the benefit of the doubt :)

  2. senore

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  3. To guest #23262573, I worked with amtc for several years. The more I learned about how the owner and her family ran the business, the more turned off I became. AMTC is like buying a good car, but paying way too much for it and the proceeds go directly to the owners.  It's a good idea that got derailed due to greed ... and boldly using the name of Jesus to cover it up. It's shameful!

  4. Please! All of you extremely knowlageable and experienced entertainment industry professionals, if you haven't been involved in AMTC, don't comment. AMTC is a training program. It helps you learn to model, how to interview with agents, and your on screen appearance. At the end of several months of training, you get to go meet agents at a national convention and show the pro's what you've got. They aren't offering you jobs. You go to the regional rehearsal every other month, and the help you learn what a career in entertainment would mean. THAT's what you're paying for. A lot of the work people get from this is just commercial modeling work. Posing for magazine shoots, TV commercials, catalogues, that sort of thing. It's not a scam, but it's not a job guarantee. You should really, really, really want it and actaully have some talent if you're planning on auditioning. And they have a lot of really great ideas about fundraising, which is one way you can pay for AMTC. And a spot in the competition isn't guaranteed, by the way. 200 people auditioned when I did; only 20 were selected.

    All of these negative comments come from people who thought they could act, payed a lot for AMTC, recieved 0 callbacks, and are bitter because they didn't realize that they do NOT have any talent.

  5. Go to the link below and scroll down to the lady named Sheila. I think she has two posts. She pretty much nailed everything and reveals even more of what's really going on with amtc. Read all the other post's as well..including PROOF that amtc was having "dummy callers" write on their behalf.

    The event itself is not a scam, but the ridiculous amount of money that they request out of pure greed and other underhanded and unethical business practices they do behind the scenes definitely consitutes a scam.  Do know that the agents, producers, and casting directors are paid to be there...well most of them with any merit.  A few local or regional ones are not or paid very low...but the big boys are paid up to $500 a day .. maybe more. Not sure what quota has to be met for them to show up, but I would have to guess there is one (in relation to how many contestants will be attending. The numbers are dropping fast, and the owner, Carey Arban, is panicking. Last convention at just about 500, where they use to have 800 - 1000. So she's cutting cost by raising the price, yet again, in hopes to keep her family in the upper bracket financially.  

    Anyway, check out the above link and come to your own concclusion. Personally, unless you have $4000 to just throw away, find other companies that do this same type convention for much less, or find an alternative route.


  7. This message is going to be long but if you are truly interested in the entertainment industry and want to know how these talent scout events work (in detail), you will appreciate this information and it will be very helpful. If you are thinking about attending something like this or in the process please read this.

    First things first: Anytime a company wants you to pay money for anything involving representation of talent, it is fraud. So this statement on its own is a clear indicator that I am not AMTC competition and so forth. If a talent agency finds you interesting enough that they feel the general public will find you entertaining they will "pocket" your start up costs and then, of course, hope for a return when and if you ever get legitimate work. This is what you call an investment (a great example of this arrangement is Justin Bieber). AMTC is clearly doing what has been done repeatedly throughout the course of history: Using religious symbolism and rhetoric to manipulate people to give up their money.

    On a more personal level, I had the unfortunate experience with a company exactly like this one. This company is called ProScout based in Scottsdale, AZ. Here is the breakdown.

    You'll hear commercials on the radio or see them on TV telling you that 40 of the world's "top talent agencies" are coming to your area. They then (in the commercial) tell you that interviews are "free" and proceed to tell you the dates of the event and the locations. When you get there, you quickly realize there are no agents from any agency there. You have just been fooled into attending a seminar where a person who has "worked actively and successfully in the entertainment industry" is basically selling you the idea that this is your big break and this is how you will finally make it into the entertainment industry. One must question though, "If this person talking really is working actively in the entertainment industry, why is he/she here?"

    After their speech, they then proceed with "interviews". They have everyone in the room line up and then about 2-3 different representatives (including the one who just gave the speech) talk to you for about 30-45 seconds and then tell you whether or not you are "right" for the actual event (they call it an invitational) in a couple of months where all of the "huge agents" will be. Out of a room of about 100-150, at least 90% of them are asked to stay.

    Then, they pass out brochures with faces of models and instructions on how to prepare for this event happening a month or two from that date. They show you a mediocre inspirational video with people talking about how they were so happy to have invested their time and money with ProScout and how they are getting work and making a great living. It's basically an infomercial. When you really stop to think, none of these people look familiar and, even if you watch a ton of television or are extremely connected to pop culture, these people are completely unrecognizable because they are just paid actors giving false success stories for ProScout. They aren't really movie or television stars or successful models.

    You leave the seminar feeling completely inspired and are then e-mailed a “VIP” code so that you can access their website. You are not able to access their website unless you get a “call back” to the invitational. There, you can make your payment to them. There is, of course, a due date and even the option to set up a payment plan where your costs can be broken down into two payments. The cost for me was $750.00 which, for anyone in the upper middle class and below is a very large amount of money. Nonetheless, it is a choice you are faced with and I chose to make the payment so I take full responsibility for that.

    A few weeks pass and the date of the event arrives, you show up and the tension is the room is palpable. The room is filled with about 700-800 people hoping this will be their “big break”. Everyone is given numbers based on age groups (this is important for later) with the young children given numbers 1-100. You then sit there and listen to more people talk about how this company is great and so forth. For the sake of this post not being repetitive, I will not tell you again. Then you walk down a runway with all the “agents” sitting around watching you. After that, you walk right in front of the agents holding two photos of yourself and hope they will write your number down on their paper. At the end of the 4 hour event, they start to call numbers out. Now here is why the numbers were important: I would estimate that 80-85% of the numbers they called were 1-100. They wanted the little kids with no responsibilities about bills or rent that have parents who will obviously pay more money for their kids to “progress” in the industry.

    From there, I cannot tell you what happens. I was 20 when I went to this event. I am 21 now. I was not one of the chosen numbers since I was not in the 1-100. What I can say about what happens after is only what I’ve read online. Everything people say is that they ask for more money to send you to other cities to meet more “agents”. I (stupidly) did not do enough research before I paid them the fees because I think that I subconsciously just wanted it to be real. If everything I have posted here is something you are going through right now with a “Scouting Agency” just re-evaluate your choices and do some deep research. It’s hard to admit something this important to you is not real but, it’s something you have to do.

  8. Yes it is. I went to one this passed week and if you get a callback you can register and it is 4,000 dollars for about 6 classses and a portfolio of pictures( no idk about you but i can get a year of classes and a portfolio for cheaper then that). And then you go to a even SHINE in florida and the $4,000 doesnt cover airfare there and the 6 days at the Gaylord Resort. So if you wanna waste 4,000 dollars on this go ahead but your can get much more for much less.

  9. for those of you who say its a scam, shame on you! AMTC doesnt garentee you a career but they give you a good chance to get one! They arn't lying to you they tell you the truth! At the audition and orientation they tell you that not everyone's going to get a career out of it! And if you are saying its a scam because you went through it and didn't get anything out of it you r a lier because even if you didn't get a career you still got the experiance! maybe you didn't get anything because you were to lazy to put the work into it!!!!!!The money is not a scam, it cost alot to get all the professional trainers and stylists to where ever you live and if you think about it it is a great deal! Some photography places will make you pay over 2,000 dolars for them to take your picture in 3 outfits where AMTC gives you a full photo shoot and the chance of a life time! And if your just not doing it because of the money im going to tell you exactly what they will, pray about it! If it's something God wants you to do he will provide. Just have faith. I'm currently doing the program, im not to far in but i'm already learning alot off of their curriculum site and from them in person. I am aware that I may not get a carreer out of it but either way it will be good training and a great experience.

  10. Definately a SCAM . Do not go or waste your money, you can obtain this work on your own by sending out polaroids to agents and casting directors. I went and was told that it would cost more and more as I went along. DO NOT GO. They are scammers in the name of Christ, SHAME on them!

  11. Ok, I am the same person who wrote the comment abou the Easter play...the other guest statment I was referring to was Guest22557358. This person wrote 4 long bullet point examples of AMTC. This is who I was referring to in my response. That particular guess answered all the questions! Please read their statements 1) 2) 3) 4)! 


  12. Well, well, well! I am a born again Christian Actress and I was excited to hear that there is a company in the industry who is trying to book talented and gifted Christians.... I'm going to try and make this response as short as I possibly can, becasue I need to get back to work on writing this Easter Play for my Church. I just can't get over the response of the 1st person, which is written above (Guest22597201). I was soooo happy to hear about AMTC but my spirit felt hesitant. I decided to research it to find out the fee's and most of all the 1st response above. That answered my questions and ease my hesitation on weather or not to attend. It is written as clear as day and the points and all major questions have been covered. This is a Scam!!!!!!! I have not attended but have attended something just like it called Proscout! Which is also a Scam. Everything explained in the above response is the exact same thing I experience a few years ago when I was in college! These people get paid to do this. It's true, what real agent would want to put themselves behind this? I just can't get over the fact that they would dare to use God's name and Christianity behind this! That is sick in the head. How can they even live with themselves! Then have the nerve to skip the refund policy and tell you to Pray On It? Wooow! The nerve! And please believe me that all of the good comments written on here about people and how they agree with AMTC and how it has so-called helped them.....""""Are on the books being paid to sit and write great comments and pose as an average artist trying to make it!"""" Remember to follow your instincts and pray before making a move on anything in life! He knows your heart and your intentions. What is for you, is Just For You! If it is in his will, you will make it regardless of what it looks like. My resolution this year is not to burry my talents(as an actress) as written in Matthew 25:14-30. On that note I need to finish writing this Easter play for my church to spread God's words with my talent. He knows your heart and will give you the desires if you pray and ask....and on more thing God speaks to those who listen! Sometimes when you pray just be silent and listen to him! We're always ready to talk and thank him or ask him for something Just Listen. :) 

  13. i got a call back but am not sure if everyone gets a call back...

    i went for singer songwriter but they said i could do modeling and singer songwriting?

    is that good?

    it would be very sad if they know they are using me but still allow me to go through with it

    its a hard choice to make because i need a way to be exposed, but i doubt that i would try to do it without amtc's help... however if i dont get enough financial aid from them i probably wont go.

    I hope there's hope.

  14.  man i dont know what to think boys...

    how do i know the positive comments aren't from amtc workers?

    and the negative ones from amtc's competition?

  15. first of all how many of these poster work for AMTC

    I went to the casting

    1) most of them are all related

    Tidbits I got from the call back:

    *** AMTC has a 10 yr contract with The Gaylord Palms

    ( what that  means is that every year AMTC HAS to fill the hotel with hopeful talent to perform their financial obligations of a it is about money


    Any time a company has a contract they have to perform

    3) the enrollment counselor skipped over the Refund section stating that they usually skip it because if you did not "pray about it" you are not ready and should go home and think about it..

    4) my child did not have a photo was told her audition was awesome!! however in the next minute was asked "what did you do for your audition ?" ...yeah....

    Second the book of success stories are relatives of the enrollment agents..

    The video..those people could have come from AMTC but there are only 2 faces of recognition after 20Years in business and those people are not even B list actors!!

    Does Mattel have casting agents who are industry movers..NO!

    The the Weber photographer leslie name old as dirt...not important and not an agent!

    As a former actress I asked how much time will my 7 year old spend on stage..I was told 45 seconds per showcase

    -if you have ever done a show case ...45 seconds is a joke! How does an agent know your range from 45 second???

    Oh well... there is the 1 minute begging free for all!!

    then you have 1 minute speed dating round the next day where you sit for 1 minute with agents and sell yourself

    Lets be serious !

    If you are a top agent. would you position yourself in a room for hours of 1 minute conversations with people who know nothing about the business and have ONLYdone  intenet training modules as their background training..oh and two days of rehersal for the biggest day of your career ?

    ..I was signed with an agent and that took connections thru my acting coach. my ex signed with william morris that took connections as cost me nothing!

    But I am sorry to say that TOP agents get so many people chasing them do you think they really have time for sitting face to face doing a "speed dating round in a convention"

    and yes they go to showcases..but not paid to do so or in exchange for free vacations.


    Think about that? The agents that you want are NOT sitting in Florida (unless they are getting a hefty slice of the

    1/2 million dollars per convention that AMTC makes -and even then how genuine are they)

    these agents are in hollywood and NYC they go to real showcases every weekend as people flood the town with new talent by the busload

     1million dollars or south of it...

    500 people in the summer I am told go to this show case 4,000 a pop

    then she said last year they had 1,000 people at a convention and 4,000 a pop

    Even American idol limits there showcase to the top 10

    I could see 100 people doing serious scene work but 500?

    but 500 people doing 45 second skits does not make for serious business

    I would call Mattel and find out if they even know Leslie and how much of a cut she gets

    and the next time they ask you if you have faith tell them


    1Million dollars is a lot to split between the Hotel chain the paid agents the 4 family members that work for the company  and the six people that drive all over the country as Ambassadors

    And to think every years 500-1000 people fork over 4,000.

    and that video was the best they could do for success stories!


    Have they heard of wolves in sheeps clothing

    Just saying

    As a person that has cast people my self it seems to me that thee are not even focused on the commercial aspect

    this is what  ou will get from ATMC

    10 4,00 in the hole

    another 2,000 in travel and meal expenses

    total 6,000

    you will

    spen 45 seconds to 1 minute on stage for each show case in front  of a Talents agent who WAS ABSOLUTELY paid to show up..So that means they are not looking for talen but getting a company paid vacation in July and another during the New Year since the Next show case is Jan-5/Jan 11..the agents get to come a few days early on our dollar and have a happy new year celebration!!!

    so you will "perform" for paid low level agents( TOP agenst will not be there..they don't want to be recognized--trust me!)  and if you are lucky you will get print work and extra work and

    even if an agent agrees to sign you after being paid nicely and treated to an all expense paid summer vacation or NEw Year holiday..he dopesn't have to send you out for work....

    just put your picture in the file and "call you if anything comes up"

    That my friend is the scam.

  16. (sigh), so, for those of you who said you've been there and done it and it is great, wonderful, etc.,... should someone like me, (a college student possibly not going to school this semester because of money issues... that's how broke I am, very, very hard times economically. Like, i REALLY DONT have money, nor a job, and dont forsee any money coming in soon) even go to this audition?... because they ask for money? like, im not going to kill myself if they do ask for money, i just want honesty. Does that ol' rule apply with amtc; "You have to HAVE MONEY to MAKE money"?! Bcuz if it does, reply; "hey big guy, this isnt for you"...


  17. (sigh), so, for those of you who said you've been there and done it and it is great, wonderful, etc.,... should someone like me, (a college student possibly not going to school this semester because of money issues... that's how broke I am, very, very hard times economically. Like, i REALLY DONT have money, nor a job, and dont forsee any money coming in soon) even go to this audition?... because they ask for money? like, im not going to kill myself if they do ask for money, i just want honesty. Does that ol' rule apply with amtc; "You have to HAVE MONEY to MAKE money"?! Bcuz if it does, reply; "hey big guy, this isnt for you"...


  18. Y would u think its a scam...u've never been on an audition....OMG!

  19. I went to an audition a while back.. the first audition IS COMPLETLY free. If you make that audtion you will get some callbacks and if it works out you will go and then pay the some 4,000 dollars, and i have an agent now from AMTC and have done some commercial work but i am not satisfied with my agent so i trust AMTC and am going back next summer to find a better agent, but AMTC IS NOWHERE CLOSE TO A SCAM!!!!!

  20. i have an audition on saturday and im mad scared. do you really gotta pay that much money? i read the whole page and it doesnt say nothing about that. someone please any advise?

  21.  it is absolutely NOT a scam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Just because you dont ge anything doesnt mean its a scam. Some people go and get something and some people nothing. You could get a angent and still get nothing just because you go doesnt mean your going to be famous. And it doesnt mean give up on your dream and its not a scam Go they couldnt get all thosde fake angency there its real trust meh. Go and have a blast You have to try to start somewere so start there

  23. it isnt a scam its not a lie do u think they give it to u free go on the website u get to meet agents at the confarence wow just have faith and i'm goin throuh it right now

  24. It is a scam 100%.  Read this complaint from a real talent agent!:
    They tell the truth and expose this scam for what it is!  Soon enough the government will go after AMTC and stop this chicanery.  And as to the bbb rating - that means absolutely nothing.  The bbb will give anyone a top rating if you pay them their extortionary fees to be a member.  Even the worst criminal car dealers have A ratings on the bbb.  Read this:
    AMTC is a definite scam!  Do not throw away your hard earned money with these scumbags!

  25. i think it was a scam because i spent  over $3,000 and got no outcome!!!!

  26. idk! i almost used one source O_O scary ik..

  27. i was wondering this too. my audition is tomorrow, and my mom thinks its just gonna be a scam. i don't know, i'm just not gonna, i have another thing i can do.

    this is to one of the comments below:
    -just cause someone doesn't have the money to waste on an audition or classes that don't garentee anything doesn't mean they don't have faith in christ. i take that offensive.

  28. I tried out, my sister didn't make it, but I did. There are ALOT of nice, young, and old people working there for Christ. They pray with you and show you pictures and slideshows. You would have to make an opinion based on experience. Adair Tishler, Megan Fox, and even Mr. Underwood, started there and the list goes on and on.
    Most people think it's a scam's so different. Unique. Godly. :)
    BUT...see for yourself. Call, ask, inform. BBB maybe too. They are listed!

  29. if you think amtc is a scam you must not have faith in jesus christ you dont belong in the audition in my opinion if you are not a believer just after fame and stardom .

  30. if you think amtc is a scam you must not have faith in jesus christ you dont belong in the audition in my opinion if you are not a believer just after fame and stardom .

  31. Yes. I heard a radio commercial just to find out that on the website you have to pay for training and a trip to orlando and all this other stuff that cousts thousands.

  32. It sounds like a scam to me! I took my daugters to one of these "auditions". and they were sooo exited!  Only to be crushed because when the question was asked of me, "how serious are you regarding their career?" I said, "not serious enough to pay the money you are asking for. Then they told me that my girls wouldn't be getting a call back because I wasn't willing to pay 2-3 thousand dollars in a day or two.  

    It was bad!  My girls were sooo hurt.  The very appealling radio commercial said nothing about thousands of dollars.

  33. yes it is i participated in it and it is a scam because they make u pay say you will get Ur prize but u dnt and u dnt u mite get callings to go to places but they lie to you very easily making u think you will be the big next thing like justin bieber no offense to him

  34. its not a scam.alot of people do get this kind of oppurtunity in about 1 week.the money for training might be a lot but you still have payment plays

  35. I have worked for a very reputable talent agency for the past 7 years and I can assure you that they do not and cannot afford to pay for anyone's training or materials. Thanks Guest16057814 for the laugh!

    "Any acting agency will help pay for training and comp cards if you have the talent."

    I can also pretty much guarantee that anyone with this above attitude will not be signed by any reputable agencies, because attitude is far more important than talent!

    Seriously, the truth is that the entertainment industry is over saturated with very talented, attractive and hard-working people.  If you want it and are called to this industry then you HAVE TO go for it!  Just know that it is not easy and it definitely is not free.

  36. AMTC isn't a scam. It's an 'opportunity to get your foot in the door'...the people saying it is a scam are probably the ones who aren't very talented and have a grudge against the world. The other great thing is you know it'll be a safe environment. Go to the audition, and then if nothing else, you'll have another audition under your belt.

  37. I am worried about it being a scam! My daughter is talented, but opportunities in Virginia are not plentiful! I just want to make the right decision regarding her future!

  38. No amtc is not a scam...I live in NYC now working with a prestigious management company (who works with agents that ARE and ARE NOT at the AMTC Competition twice a year)....I also now have a VERY large contact in the recording world, as well as making countless friends.  AMTC is the reason I moved up here....

    Now the reality people...AMTC nor anything else takes the place of down right hard work...its not easy living in NYC.  I'm not rich...NOT AT ALL...haha...and my rent sucks all my money...but I keep pressing on.  AMTC is meant to be your starting point...your starting place.  IF you work your tail off..and IF YOU push yourself, then AMTC will pay off...if you want a quick fix to life....or you want the "easy way" to stardom, AMTC nor the biz is for you.  The reality is it takes talent, patience, and perseverance to make it.  

    For all skeptics...check out the better business bureau...AMTC has a GREAT name on the BBB.  
    Questioning ANYTHING in life is a great truth as hard as you can and you will find it.

    Again...AMTC never has and DOES NOT guarantee anyone an agent....just the exposure to the right agents...and people...they are the real deal (the agents)...I audition for them in NYC through my manager.

    I hope this helps at least open ones eyes a bit.  Take care and blessings on you all.

  39. i auditioned yesturday and they called me today.....i made the call back!!!!

  40. I really do believe everyone gets a call back.

  41. Ok so this is the reality. I'm an 8 year advance actor that has been around the industry. I'm not going to put anyone down neither your self or the company. But if you are looking to pursue one of this careers then take that money and invest in some lessons you will be better off. I have one of the best agents were i live and it cost me 0.00 to Join her just a few snapshots and then on my way with a real photographer that took some great pics for less than this people charge. I have been cast in mayor TV shows and Movies never had to pay nothing to join only my agent percentage. I got scam in the beginning of my career, that's what kept me stronger but i would have prefer taking a vacation with the money i used and would have enjoy better. I'm not going to tell you what to do, but if you decided to go, treat that as you get away (vacation) not as an opportunity. YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE TO PAY EVER IF SOMEONE SEES YOU AS A POTENTIAL TALENT. YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE TO PAY EVER IF SOMEONE SEES YOU AS A POTENTIAL TALENT. YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE TO PAY EVER IF SOMEONE SEES YOU AS A POTENTIAL TALENT. Should i keep going or did you get the message. Do yourself a favor call any agency in your area and ask them where do real Casting Agents come from THE REAL ONES, THE LEGIT ONES. you will Never hear is from this shows and that should answer your question about SCAM OR NOT. God Bless your decision and wish you the best. Your fellow Actor friend...

  42. I went to the AMTC auditions and competed a couple of years ago as well...I also got callbacks but I did not get a career. I did however get exposure and experience. It was a great experience and I made great contacts!

  43. It is definitely a scam...I competed in the competition two years ago...I received several callbacks in modeling, singing, and acting but you should not have to pay any money if someone wants to use your talent! I learned this the hard way! DO NOT BE DECEIVED!

  44. My husband went for an audition on Saturday and was rated real high on his.The problem is the money to get him going to Flordia in January.If anyone has any good ideas to help him pay for this let us know.Because he just started a new job and things atre kinda rough with it coming up in just 10 months.  Thank you all.

  45. It is a shouldn't have to pay that much for training. There are plenty of schools out there that don't charge that much for training and comp cards. Any acting agency will help pay for training and comp cards if you have the talent. AMTC trys to get people to pay for training even if they don't have talent. Look for actual talent agencies and make an apointment, you'll have a better chance getting what you want.

  46. I have an audition on Saturday an i didnt want waste my time there

  47. it ia not a scam it ask for this money because u get training thats why it cost so much so far it has been a wonderfuk expierence but u gotta have the time to put lots of work into this hope i helped

  48. i went to the AMTC audition in 2006 and was a contestant person chosen out of hundreds of people to go to Orlando to perform in front of hundreds of casting agents, agents, and big movie companies. i only got one call back from nickelodeon. It was about $4,000 dollars to even be able to go down there but they do have payment plays for people who cant pay in full. anymore questions please e-mail me at Thanks. Oh and it was a great experience.

  49. It's not. I am involved in it now... IT's a wonderful oppertunity!!!

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