Iran opens the doors of its oil sector to Western investment

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Iran wants to convince the world their desire for change and openness and what better to do it by going to the meeting representing the quintessential capitalist spirit, the World Economic Forum held in Davos. President Hasan Rohani was the guest star of the day and summoned a crowd in the main hall of the convention center of the Alpine resort. Rohani used the best weapons to advance their attempt to seduce the West and overcome the international isolation of his country. The man who brought hope to the Iranians was accompanied to the meeting by the oil minister, Bijan Zanganeh, and offered access to Iranian hydrocarbon reserves to contribute to market stability. Also to attract major international companies are the only ones to modernize its outdated industry.

Shortly before his public intervention, Rohani met privately with executives from several oil to which said in September that his country will set a new standard contract for exploitation. Both Rohani as Zanganeh insisted his desire to open their industry to Western investment and technology.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran is prepared to engage in constructive cooperation to promote global energy security, based on its large oil and gas resources," the Iranian president.

His offer came after reiterating the message of " friendship and peaceful coexistence" with every country that has become the hub of all its interventions since joining the government last summer. He also assured that Iran " has never sought nuclear weapons " and will not accept any discrimination in its development of nuclear technology for peaceful purposes. Rohani said he wanted to put his country among the top ten economies in the world.

Some witnesses claim that the oil multinationals flocked to try to get an appointment at all costs with the minister Zanganeh. "It was a very smart move by Iran. Al be accompanied by the Minister of Petroleum Forum Rohani attention and made ​​sure to interest executives Davos. And it has. Iran, China and Japan are achieving hoarding all the interest in this issue, "said Ian Bremmer, president of Eurasia Group.

International sanctions on Iran because of the nuclear program have slowed since 2012 to modernize its oil industry, affected since the revolution of 1979 by the U.S. boycott, who since then has diplomatic ties. Consequently, resources are underutilized and in the last two years, its crude exports have fallen by half, depriving the country of its main source of income.

Since taking office last August, Rohani is to mend relations with the West, with an eye on Washington and the lifting of sanctions, an open nuclear talks with the current target.

In Davos, Rohani definitely looking investments in the energy sector of the country, a key to revive a comatose economy once the sanctions are lifted step. In fact, oil production is anemic, given its capacity, and is around 2.7 million barrels per day, 8% below 2012 levels. The lack of infrastructure forces the country to import most of its gasoline.

" The fact that the president of Iran to come to the meeting today... is clearly a sign that Iran wants to open up to the international oil companies," said Paolo Scaroni on departure, the CEO of Italy's Eni, cited by Reuters.

Also present were responsible for France's Total, Britain's BP and LUKoil Gazpromneft and Russian, among others. Could not tell if there were any representatives of the Americans. Zanganeh already made clear last December in Vienna that his country has no stick with companies that nationality. He even mentioned two of them, Exxon Mobil and ConocoPhillips, among the seven whose return he wanted, along with Total, Shell, ENI, BP and Norway's Statoil. The Spanish Repsol, who worked in the country until 2012, was not among them.

But in addition to the penalties, which is still at least 18 months away, the companies expect a change in the conditions that gave Iran until now. Iranian officials know and announced next April for a major international conference that will advance the new model contract for a longer period than before and in which companies are expected to obtain ownership of the extracted oil, and the Iranian Constitution prevents having reservations.

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