India Domestic: Ranji Trophy Elite - 1st Quarter-Final - Hyderabad v Rajasthan – 4th Day’s Update

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0 LIKES UnLike Trophy Elite - 1st Quarter-Final - Hyderabad v Rajasthan – 4th Day’s Update 144 & 431 - Match drawn (Rajasthan won on 1st innings)
On Thursday, January 05, 2012 Rajasthan won their four-day match against Hyderabad on the basis of their first innings score in the Ranji Trophy Elite at Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, Uppal, Hyderabad.
After ending the third day with 138 runs on the board without the loss of any wicket, Hyderabad resumed their second innings on the final day of the match in a bid to bat for as long as possible, to avoid defeat by the hands of Rajasthan.
Hyderabad after faltering for 144 runs in their first innings, gave a spectacular show in their second innings, hoping to subdue their opponents.
Openers PA Reddy and DB Teja continued their awesome form as they ripped through the Rajasthan bowlers, by exhibiting superb batting.
It was imperative for the fielding side to bowl-out the batting side early on to win the match in order qualify for the semi-finals.
With a massive tally of 275 runs on the board, hosts Hyderabad, lost their first wicket when Reddy after playing a sensational innings of 151 runs was dismissed by
It was then time for number-three batsman,, to make his way on the field and give a commendable show with the bat as he hammered an impressive knock of 59 runs and provided a well deserved support to Teja, who was slaughtering the bowlers without remorse at the other end.
The duo made life extremely difficult for the bowlers and gave Rajasthan a tough fight against all odds.
On a tally of 372, Hyderabad lost their second wicket when Suman was run out after giving a splendid performance with the bat.
Meanwhile, Teja belted an unbeaten innings of 185 runs as the side declared their innings after posting 431 runs in their second innings.
Requiring a target of 155 runs to win, Rajasthan posted only 25 runs without losing a wicket at stumps on the final day of the match. And although the side failed to reach the required target, nonetheless, they won the match because of their superior total in the first innings.



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