Im 17 years old and decided...

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  1. Its a big decision to make ... have you taken the time to think about money, yur family adn yur education? Do yur family support yu adn can they help? When the baby is born its second nature for 90% of mum but read a couple books talk to yur mum and family. Lots of girsl yur age go through this; as long as yu have close frings that will stand by yu, yu will have no problem .. colleges do not care if yu have a child or not and schools shouldnt either due to disclimiation. if yu want to carry on with yur A grades its going to be more than ahrd work (not going to lie) looking after a new born is a 24hr thing .... will yu have finished yur exam for this year before the baby is due? if soo maybe take a agap year to help or if yu feel yu have the supoort and help to leave the child for school hours do uit that way ... either weay yu must know that yu can look after and provide for this baby with or without their father in the picture ... hope it helps xx

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