If I start to play the classic guitar then switch it to an electric guitar is it ok?

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the question said it all.

Is it going to be hard if I chose to switch?

I prefer the Electric but this is the only one I can choose, my school doesnt offer the electric guitar (class)

BTW, im a beginner.




  1. The classical guitar will teach you TECHNIQUE and is a far better guitar to learn on than going directly to an Electric and a classical or acoustic guitar is MUCH MORE FLEXIBLE than an electric.

  2. Hey Lady

    The transition will be much easier than you think. First hand, you will develop good finger strength and dexterity on the classical guitar.

    Once you hit the electric, the playability will be sooooo much eaiser but, the technique are also different on the electric.

    Hammer-ons, pull-offs, bending, tapping etc... are much easier to do and more effective on the electric guitar.

    Good Luck and practice on a daily basis.

  3. yes

  4. well, yea, it would be fine... u spend a lot more money on electric guitars than classical... but electric guitars are more oriented into rock and classic rock

    the things you would need to learn are ditortion overdrive and little things... but its close to the same proximity

  5. It will be very easy.

    The only hard transition is from electric to acoustic because of how much pressure is needed to press down the strings.

    The one difficult thing that comes to most eventually is having a narrow neck/fretboard on the electric.

  6. its good when you are first learning about music then electric won't seem so hard

  7. no it wont be hard at all, you may find it easy as a fact

  8. Look my lady, Start with the acoustic guitar, learn the basics like chords, scales and strumming. once you get to practice a bit on that. move on to the electric guitar and get to know ; hammerons, pulloffs, harmonics,and bends with a clean distortion pedal youll love it. it really doest matter which one you start with. the only thing that acoustic guitars srings are a bit hard on you at first.

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