I need name help please please please please!?

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I am having a little girl in dec. my husband likes names like Susan, Cheryl, Karen

I like names like Aleah, Raquel, Avery, Elise

We keep bickering about what to name her and its really getting tiring and annoying- EVERYONE asks what names you like lol. We have a son already- I would like their names to "flow together" if you know what I mean. His name is Owen (first) Keith (middle) Slye (last) -pronounced sly


We want something awesome...please and thank you!




  1. I saw Rosiered's suggestions and i think Erica Ashley sounds nice for a girl's name.  

  2. Avery Elise Slye is beautiful, also it sounds really nice with Owen Keith. Avery can be shortened down to Ava which I think is incredibly pretty.

    Other names to think about-

    Addison Grace

    Autumn Rose

    Bailey Amelia

    Camilla Iris

    Carrington Jayne

    Charlotte Marie

    Harper Ruth

    Iris Jayde

    Indya Rose

    Juliana Grace

    Kennedy Jayne

    MacKenna Elise

    MacKenzie Aleah

    Marley Alexis

    Poppy Jayde

    Scarlett Avery

    Tia Raquel

    Willow Aleah

    Winter Rose

    Hope these help :)

    Good luck!

  3. What about Serena? (sah-ree-nuh) Serena & Owen is so cute, and Serena Slye is an awesome name!

    Serena Karen

    Serena Avery

    Serena Katherine

    I think Serena Karen Slye sounds the best :]

  4. wat about Kristen Aleah or Kyla Elise...its all i got..but good luck:)

  5. From what it looks like, you like the more modern feminine names, and your husband like traditional more common names. A good compromise would be to find a name that is making a come back but is also tradional and old fashioned. Here's what I suggest.

    Adelaide ~ German ~ Noble; Kind

    Amelia ~ German ~ Work of the Lord

    Aoife (ee-fah) ~ Gaelic ~ Joyful

    Artemis ~ Greek ~ Gift of the Gods

    Audrey ~ German ~ Noble Strength

    Aurora ~ Latin ~ Dawn

    Avalon ~ Latin ~ Island

    Aveline ~ Old English ~ Bird

    Belle ~ French ~ Beautiful

    Bernadette ~ French ~ Bold as a Bear

    Briar-Rose ~ English ~ Shrub of Roses

    Caprice ~ Italian ~ Playful

    Cassandra ~ Greek ~ Inflaming Men with Love

    Catherine ~ Latin ~ Pure

    Clarice ~ Italian ~ Clear

    Cosette ~ Greek ~ Victory of the People

    Dahlia (doll-ya) ~ Scandinavian ~ from the Valley

    Daphne ~ Greek ~ Laurel Tree

    Delia ~ Latin ~ Daughter of the Sea

    Diana~ Greek ~ Divine

    Edie ~ Old English ~ Rich War

    Eliza ~ Hebrew ~ Oath of God

    Ella ~ Latin ~ Light

    Elodie ~ French ~ Foreign Prosperity

    Evangeline ~ Latin ~ Like an Angel

    Felicity ~ Latin ~ Happiness

    Ginger ~ Latin ~ Pure

    Grace ~ Latin ~ Grace of God

    Honoria (on-OR-ee-a) ~ Latin ~ Honor

    Iseult (ee-solt) ~ Welsh ~ Fair One

    Isla ~ Scottish ~ Island

    Isobel ~ Scottish ~ Consecrated to God

    Isolde ~ Celtic ~ Beautiful

    Ithaca ~ Greek ~ Cheerfully True

    Jane ~ Hebrew ~ Gracious

    Joanna ~ Hebrew ~ God is Gracious

    Juliet ~ French ~ Soft-haired

    Leona ~ German ~ Brave as a Lioness

    Lexi ~ Greek ~ Protector of Men

    Libby ~ Hebrew ~ Oath to God

    Liesl (lee-sel) ~ German ~ God is Boutiful

    Lorelei ~ German ~ Alluring Song

    Lottie ~ French ~ Little

    Lydia ~ Greek ~ Maiden from Lydia

    Marian ~ Old English ~ Graceful Star of the Sea

    Matilda ~ German ~ Might

    Maeve (mayv) ~ Irish ~ Joy

    Mercedes ~ Spanish ~ Mercies

    Michaela ~ Irish ~ Who is like God

    Monica ~ Greek ~ Solitary

    Nora ~ Greek~ Light

    Odette ~ French ~ Little Wealthy One

    Odilia ~ Anglo-Saxon ~ Little Wealthy One

    Órla (oor-lah) ~ Irish ~ Golden Woman

    Paige ~ English ~ Young Child

    Phaedra (fay-drah) ~ Greek ~ Bright

    Rose ~ Latin ~ Unconcious Love

    Samantha ~ Armaic ~ She Who Listens

    Sophie ~ Greek ~ Wisdom

    Soleil (soh-lay) ~ French ~ The Sun

    Tabitha ~ Hebrew ~ Roe-Buck

    Thérèse (ter-ez) ~ Greek ~ One Who Harvests

    Twila ~ French ~ Twilight

    Veronica ~ Latin ~ True Image

    Veronique ~ French ~ True Image

    Violet ~ English ~ Modesty

  6. Okay you want the names to flow together? how about Kaelynn or Jaelyn I always like the name Amelia that was my favorite or Ava  

  7. I really like the names:

    Aleah (other spelling Aleia) Love this name

    Middle name suggestions








    My favorite is Aleia Jade or Aleia Alexis

    Good luck hope I gave you some ideas

  8. You could try some different combos, but here are some options.

    Karina (form of Karen) Avery Slye

    Ava (Avery) Cheryl Slye

    Leah (Aleah) Suzette Slye

    Alyssa (Elise) Karina (Karen) Slye

    Totally different names:

    Alexis Madison

    Mallorie Carlisle

    Kaelyn Addison

    Hayley Gianna

    Georgia Kate

    Olivia Grace

    Fayelinn Hope

    Savannah Noelle

  9. Allison Kaye Skye  sounds like it would flow with her older brothers name

  10. olivia karen slye

  11. Avery Susan

    Owen and Avery are CUTE!

  12. How about Ava, Lily, Isabel, Maya, or Emma? I think that they all flow with Owen nicely!

    I like your taste in baby names! I love the name Owen!!

  13. Well, honestly, I wouldn't worry so much about the brother and sister names "flowing" together - because it's not like every time you introduce yourself in life you say, My name is Sandy Smith and Randy Smith is my brother" haha  I would just worry about the first/middle/last name and how they flow together. Owen Slye is is kinda' cool. Sounds like an actor, haha  I'm afraid your husband's choices are a little out of date..... Susan, Cheryl and Karen are all girls I went to school w/ and I'm in my 40's haha -- I think you want something a bit "younger" -- but not to trendy, because trendy names become dated very fast.....


    Ashley (it's trendy, but it goes w/ Owen :-)

    Erica (goes w/ Slye)

    Isabelle (kind of goes w/ Owen (it starts w/ a vowel, anyway :-) and it goes with Slye)

    Best wishes! :-)

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