I did a love binding spell?

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I didn't think it would work. But the next day he came in and since then has been trying very hard to get my attention, so does he really want me? or is it just the spell?




  1. Remember, don't wish for what you don't want!

  2. witchcraft it's a sin! never do that again!

  3. It is possible that since he cared about you and your strong loving emotions that you put into the spell could have caused this almost immediate reaction.  This is really a great thing.

    As for your other question, of-course its a combination of both that's making it work. He had feelings for you but he wasn't willing to act on and you performed a strong spell so it is a combination of the two.  

    The beautiful thing is that you can't make a person who don't love/want you naturally to love you.  You can manipulate and insinuate but you can't create such emotions.

  4. Gosh, you  worry a lot. You did the spell, just wait and see  

  5. Well, because no one ever has definitively figured out how -- or really, if -- spells work, it is hard to say. There is a school of thought that says a spell can't effect a person unless they are receptive to it already, and if that is so, then all you did was stimulate feelings that were being repressed by him for whatever reason, and so he does really want you.

    There is another theory that spellwork acts like any other act of courtship -- flowers, candies -- just on a subconscious level, and so then once more, it would be that you really did win him over.

    Of course, then there are the other theories, that love spells jump into minds and force them to behave a certain way whether the person would want it or not. (Though, if I dare impart my own belief here, I say that if this were so, there would never be any failure rate amongst love spells as they would always work because of this.) Or that they stimulate false feelings of love in a person and the person either chooses to act on it or not.

    Really, I think your question is between you and your own belief system. You got what you wanted, accept it and don't fret over how ill gotten were the gains; what's done is done.

  6. first try switching the spell you did fast . what you did is considered as black magic cursing people or using it on people .. i do wicca which is white magic , go back to the site or person you got the spell from and try to get rid of it .. i would try communicating with a palm reader or something and tell them what you have done , they might try switching it or helping you . then you can know if he likes you

    and if he does what he did all of a sudden i think it's the spell honey .may the god and godesse be with you .

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