I am thinking about getting my girls a hamster

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Hi I am thinking about getting my girls a hamster. they are almost 6 and 3 years old. I have never owned a hamster and would like to know a little about them. How long do they live? How hard is it to take care of them. Besides cleaning the cage can my girls help with the other stuff? and do they need to see a vet for anything? I also have the same questions about Guinne Pigs. I guess I worry there life span may be to short and I don't know if it would be a good idea with my little girls to have to deal with that. Thank you.




  1. most hamsters can live up to three yrs old but there are differeretn breeds witch can live longer.Its not very hard to look after such a small creature i found it so easy i once had 11 hamsters:) non of my hamsters needed to see the vets they dont get very many problems

    .your girls can buy the hamsters all sort of fun at the pet stores they can help train them teach them new tricks.siran hamsters (the ones usualy in the pet store) are very good for children they are the most comon breed of hamster so are readily avalible.

    guinne pigs- wel i dont no how long exactly ginne pigs live for , i am sure u little girls will love to here them squiking

    they are generally easy to train but can have quite sahrp claws. once they no you are ocming to give them food they will make quite alot of noise . they are alot more messier than hamsters,who dont have alot of droppings ginea pigs have alot n it doesnt smell too good .

    with hamsters i would sergest a male same wiv ginni pigs ,the males are alto easier to train n tame and they are alot calmer .

  2. They live 2-4 years, normally. But I hadd one that lived 6. Not very hard, just feed them, give them water every day, and then every 1 or two weeks clean their cage. Oh, your children can help with everything! Just make sure they understand it is verryyy fragile. The six yr old should understand, but keep an eye on the 3 yr old. Unless they have somethingg seriously wrong with them, like they are sick or can't walk, there is no need. But be prepared for laughing vets. Once my hamster broke its leg, I brought it in, and they enjoyed it. LOL! But we knew them, so yea. LOL! Guinea Pigs will live the same, but I once had a 7 yr old guinea pig! Same things will the guinea pigs. But I suggest getting a hamster if you want social interation with your girls. Guinea pigs tend to be skittish. Oh, and if you get a hamster, get a girl. AND ONLY ONE (unless of course you never let them together and get two seperate cages, but that's alot of hassle). But don't get a dwarf hamster. They are basically anti-social. But if you get a guinea pig get two GIRLS. They will get lonely and shy without another. The girls are the calmest in both species. The boys tend to be aggressive. And you REALLY don't want to have a pregnant hamster or guinea pig. Sometimes it kills the original animal. And very messy. And you might have too many. LOL!

    Anyways, I hope I have helped! Good luck!

  3. Hamsters only live one to three years. It is not hard to take care of them, but I think a Guinea pig would be better for younger girls. You can hold them in your lap, were as a hamster is constantly running. You do need to clean their cage every five days, but the girls can feed them. Guinea pigs love to eat. Also, if you get a Guinea pig, get two. They are very social and need a friend. Guinea pigs live five to eight years.  

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