How to remove the fathers name from BirthCertificate?

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The father to my son has nothing to do with him and iam with a different guy now... is it possible to get his name removed and if i dont what parental rights does the real father have to my son?




  1. The birth father has the right to go after visitations and/or even custody if he chooses.  If he doesn't have court order visitations though then he doesn't have any rights until he goes through the courts.  If he signed the birthcertificate you can't get his name off.  If you are with your current man for 2 years in a commited relationship with them then the courts will consider allowing the other man to adopt your son but usually that involves the birth father signing off on the adoption for the courts taking away his rights first.  It will require a good lawyer and lots of court time.

  2. Unfortunately, once it's on there, it stays there. I had the same problem + wanted my ex's name removed but it's illegal.

  3. you would have to get his parental rights taken away and that is still a court process. I don't know if when they take a way parental rights do they remove the father's name I doubt it but I could be wrong. the best thing to do is to contact a lawyer so you can do it right.

  4. you could try snopake

  5. The father has all the same rights you have unless a court says otherwise. Even if a court terminates a parents rights they still remain on the birth certificate. The biological parents always remain on the birth certificate.

  6. not if he really is the father once its on there it stays

  7. The only way you can have the father's name removed is through a DNA test that proves that he is not the father.  Whether he was on the birth certificate or not, his rights remain the same. He has the right to demand visitation, but you have the right to demand child support as well.

    Your child has the RIGHT to have the correct father on his birth certificate.  How lame can you be to want to remove it, unless you lied in the first place and the baby is someone else's?

  8. i don't think that you can get his name removed. if he's not interested in his son you can go to court and he can revoke his parental rights (that way whoever you end up marrying can adopt your son) but you also give up any right to support from him. if he won't give up parental rights he would continue to have the right to request visitation later on down the road (although the longer he stays out of his life, the harder it would be for him to get back into it), you, of course, would also have the right to file for child support. if he's not willing to give up parental rights i would recommend filing for support even if you feel that you don't need it. you can always open a high interest bank account for your son and put any money (if any) his father pays.

  9. I wouldn't think you'd be able to do that. He's the biological father of your son and always will be!

  10. No you can't change a birth cert.

  11. This will require an attorney, money, and the consent of the birth father.

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