How to play ojo board?

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How to play ojo board?




  1.  its real dude.....i came to c a soul..peru rajappan.........

  2. hwey can anyone say it is there por not


  3. pottatharam !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pottatharam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. how to play ojo board?

  5. blv it or not

  6. kundiyadi kundiyadi ennu kettittundo athanu ithu

  7. Its both a stupidity created by frauds and also a time passer for believers...

  8. f**k YOU

  9. ninte appante koothiyil oru sodakkuppy & murikkinte peace adichu kettada thallayoli.................

  10. i dont know

  11. ojo board churutti undayakkuka athinu shesham thinnuka ennittu thooruka    oduka purakil varunnathil theettathil chavittunnavanodu chothichal ethinte marupadi tharum   ok da ok

  12. just calll
    me i will telll u the whole ways 2 other world.remember one thing its not a game.its like communication no is +9947792007

  13. Is it possible to play solo

  14. first take a carboard sheet and write one side alphabets and other side draw one round and put 1 rupee coin.light three candles around you.THEN tell good spirit please come say like that whenever the spirit comes.Then you can ask questions to that only in dark room.

  15. what is my name

  16. i know how to play ojoboard and i played so many times....

    its not a dangerous game.....

    every one  can play it....

    i will help u to play this....

    but oneday one spirit came 2 my room and i saw her...

    so many of my frnds saw her

    but she didnt do anything.....

    she is still in our hostl..... her name is janki....

    if u want know more detais mail me

    and my orkut profile--

  17. my name

  18. my name

  19. what about me?


  21. i m re@lly very much interested to pl@y this......
    bt i m some w@t sc@red.....
    only cos of th@t i didnt try it yet........

  22. umm i would advise you not to play with that cause if the spirit is attracted well youll probably never be able to get rid of it like my cousin he had he played the next night he was on his comp when everything turned dark and super cold and he felt like something was watching him and his windows started rattling and i swear its not a story

  23. is it for human beings

  24. pls don,t believe in this
    if u r believing in god u should not believe in this stupidity at all

  25. it is realy or not

  26. this will injured anybody? who is playing .....don't take as a timepass

  27. yes offcourse.we will get some knowledge about our future from ouija board or (ojo board).if our concentration is rihht then we will have to communicate with "SOULS" through ojoboard. you will get all answers from this blog.

    Do you believe in ojo board? How to draw a ojo board? How do you make an ojo board? Help How to play ojo board? How ojo board works? How use ojo board? how work ojoboard? you will get all answers from this blog. check it plse or click here on this link

  28. if i would have am i crazy to enter this site
    i know its a crapy thing but still mant know the internet results

  29. how to play ojo board

  30. ojo board is an interesting game.i advice everyone to play this game.I hav played  it.I communicated with a soul.She told about my future.

  31. what is the ojo board

  32. How to play ojo board?

  33. i don't know

    but i want to paly ojo board
    can you help me?

  34. Beware !
    it is not a toy...

  35. ojo board working????? or not ???

    but still many reactions may happen

  36. are you busted

  37. i want play ojo board?from internet ...will you pls tell to me how to play ojo board?

  38. haiiiiiii   can i play this game

  39. what is my name?

  40. nothing ;;;''';;../;k;;;

  41. enikkariyillaaaaaaaasorry

  42. how to play ojoboard????whether it is true???

  43. did i fail in my last love
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