How to make homemade Nail Polish Remover?

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I want to know how to make nail polish remover or what items around the house could remove nail polish easily.




  1.  firstly put some more of your nail varnish on and then wipe it with a cloth it works 100%!!!!!!

    plus its quick and easy simples!! x 

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  4. hi my name is Victoria my brother was im my moms and das bathroom and knocked over all of our nail polish and we need to get it up we have no nail polish remover funny thig is my sisters did the same thing yesterday and used all of my nail polish remover so i need something fast please help befor my peants get home we will probaly get wooped lol

  5. i heard you can make a nail polish remover if you take vinegar and mix lime juice with it.

  6. If you are not interested in spending your precious money on nail polish removers, you can use acetone, as it is a best nail polish remover. You can even use your favourite perfume, to remove nail polish. As many perfumes contain ethyl acetate, that is a major ingredient in nail polish removers. You can even use hairspray, toothpaste, or even a wet wipe to get rid of your old nail polish. Paint thinner, also has the power to remove your unwanted nail polish colour.

  7. Hairspary worked to a certain extent..

  8. iv tried 2 of them THEY DONT WROKE it was  hair speray and hand wash

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  13. put on a layer of nail polish and before it dries wipe it off you can also use the alcohol swab things you get in a first aid kit or hairspray. you can also use toothpaste or bug spray or acetone hope this helps

  14.  well i just discovered that if you put nail polish on your fingernails and then quickly put hair mousse on your fingers then wipe if off, super quickly, then it will either peel off easily or already be off, it works! seriously! I did it soo many times

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  16. put you hand in p**p then l**k it i love the tast it really works

  17. heres what i did. i tested some of theses ideas handsanitizer was a fail. it made my nail gritty feealing. lemon jucie didnt do it either, but it made my nails soft and smell good. alcohol sucks bad, my best advive is put clear nail polish on and wipe it off quickly, or just buy nail polish remover

  18.    Hi I like Peaches! Okay.......sorry here is my answer it's probably the best answer. Soak your hands in hot water (not to hot to burn your skin) for about five whole minutes. Then when your done (DO NOT DRY THEM!) Then you use hand sanetizer or lemon juice or something with citrius. Then rub the water and the citrius that you decided to use and rub it on your nail. It should peel of just like that! And this anwer is probably the best one because it works 100%, it's not bad for you at all, and you probably have all the stuff so yea well bye!


  20. hair spray REAALLY worked. it was fast and simple. just dont use your favorite kind ;) lol

  21. alcohol add salt it the best methoid id you dont have alcohol vodka work just as well n

  22. you can use 99% isopropyl alcohol. It works good

  23. I actually need help on making homemade nail polish. But I heard that perfumes/bugsprays or whatever can work. Or else just go get some nail polish remover. ><

  24. spray deodert works no joke

  25.  p**p in a can thenn eat it then spit it out thenput it on your nails . IT WORKS TRUSSTTT MEEEE I TRIEEDD !

  26.  hairspray actually works...well it did with me so?



  28. deoderant works

  29. try hairspray it worked for me


  30. Some of you are real s**t heads, thanks to everyone who made a valid suggestion.

  31. smear your nail in p**p and like off i works i tried it


    (this is for thick nail varnish) Start of with the clear nail varnish method and then find a two pence peice and scrubba dubba dubba!!!! it really works and i do it every time!!! Love from... No - one! Love youu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33.  First paint it over with a diffrent colour and then wipe off with an alchohol pad it should work if not 


  34. I don't know  how to make homemade nail polish I'm just really board so I just wanted to say Email me I never get e-mails from anyone so here it is please E-mail me I will send you back just put your e-mail on the message BYE....!!!! 

  35. I don't know  how to make homemade nail polish I'm just really board so I just wanted to say Email me I never get e-mails from anyone so here it is please E-mail me I will send you back just put your e-mail on the message BYE....!!!! 

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  37. u can stick your fingers in toilet bowl water(clean water) and then l**k your fingers

  38. u can stick your fingers in toilet bowl water(clean water) and then l**k your fingers

  39. help i have black on and it has everywhere what will i do?xxxx

  40. You can try putting clear nail polish on and rub over it with a alcohol wipe.

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  42. hand sanitizer really me.i used it

  43. hold fingers in orange juice for 3 to five minutes, standing one ONE LEG ONLY. IT WORKS I SWEAR.

  44. Just put some more nail polish on and wipe it off but use tp not like a cotton ball

  45. how to make home made nail polish remover, pick the nail polish off your finger nails!

  46. I dont but dont use bugspray it dont work :(


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  48. i thinkkkkkkk if u put a thin coat of nail polish and then if you wipe suddenly................ the nail polish will go away and u can say bye it

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  50. bugspray doesnt work

  51. hand sanitizer trust me u need to rub for about 20 secounds for it to come off i tried it and it works

  52. alright this actually worked but i think my cousin tried using lemon juice and i thik it worked also knowing that she actually smells like lemon every time i see her!!! LOL

  53. hand sanatizerrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  54. hand sanitizer works!!

  55. just you purell hand sanitizer

  56. i have no idea but this is all i know that nail polish removers cost a lot but they last forever, and if you put a cyro foam sheet in it it will melt

  57. u use 1/2 a cup off soap and a cup of water

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  59. i really need to get my nail polish of but i dont have bugspray and i have really sensitive skin so has anyone got any ideas that will really work.
    thnx x

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  61. Put a little bit of hot water and then alcohol and if you want it color's like i did blue. You put food dye in it i promise it dont show up on you.

  62. my mom's doing my nails but i have to remove the old nailpolosh first i need a solution''HELP''

  63. help

  64. If you have clear nail polish put it on and wipe it off with a tissue real fast and it will come off.

  65. to whoever suggested bugspray, i tried it and it really does work!


  67. all you do is add a wet coat whatever color and then put your hands in hot water 4 to 5 minutes and then scrape it off i had the same exact question.

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  70. I know this sounds weird, but it works! BUGSPRAY!!! I accidently sprayed some bugspray on my fingernail and my nailpolish dissolved off!!! Try it. It really works.

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  73. Get a stick that is meant for removing gunk from under your fingernails and scrape it off. I recommend not doing this, but if you really want to be desperate do it. You can soak your hands in hot water like "Guest14730185" said to do. Good job with that thought, I did it this morning for 10 minutes because the water then got cold and i just put on some clear polish then it peeled off. And BTW, roll the nailpolish in your hands before using, DO NOT SHAKE!! IT GIVES IT CLUMPS!! Trust me I'm a professional in The Nail industry.

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  75. You soak your hands in steaming hot water for say about 5-8 minutes then it should peel off, or you can paint a clear coat over that then it should peel of also.

  76. How to make homemade Nail Polish Remover?

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  78. But I heard from up there that it's bad for your skin. Well, I guess if you are really desperate...

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