How to draw the Indus Valley Civilization?

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I need to draw the Indus valley civilization and I've done some research, but does anyone have any ideas? like how the houses are supposed to look like(I am not the good of an artist)

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  1. You could draw a map!

    Look up the Indus River in modern-day Pakistan...

    You'll find that the Mohenjo-daro Civilization is closer to the delta (a few hundred miles), whereas the Harappan Civilization was about 750 miles inland, and its part of the area where 4 rivers empty into the Indus River...

  2. I don't know if this helps but I do know that when the British went into India, they so liked the houses that they took the style to England which then went to the US and became know as Arts and Crafts types houses.  From what I read, it was porch style house which was open to allow the breezes. I was raised in this style house and truly love them but when I tried to find examples(of the Indian ones) on the net, I didn't have much luck. I image that a drawing of one would be very beautiful.

  3. stick figures

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