How to clean mini blinds?

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How to clean mini blinds?




  1. Take them down & soak them in a cleaning solution in your tub.  Rinse them with the hose, shake them a bit & re-hang.  Open them up & they should dry in no time.  Of course you'll want to put some old towels on the floor (undermeath the blinds) to catch any drips until they are completely dry.

  2. I take me down and hang them on the clothesline or fence...then hose them clean using windex outdoor window spray that attaches to the hose.  Easy!

  3. yep, put them in the tub with cleaning solution, that's how it's done, also try to dust them regularly to keep them cleaner, they make a duster esp for blinds

  4. Soak them in the tub in automatic dishwashing detergent.  It will work better than anything.

  5. Try putting them in the bath tub and swish them around in some soapy water. You can drive a couple nails on your porch and hang them out to dry.

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