How many days does it take a tamagotchi v5 to marry on the dating game?

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My tamagotchi v5 turned into an adult [mametchi], then the next day I had to go out so I left my tamagotchi on pause mode by using the travel show, then the day after that should count as a second day or 48 hours but when I go to the dating show, it still shows the matchmaker..When I put my tamagotchi on pause mode for about a whole day, does it not count as a day living as an adult tamagotchi or another kind? I'm really confused and do I still have to wait another day until it CAN get married?




  1. There's a cheat for it!But you have to wait for 2 days after it becomes an adult!When you are able to marry on the dating show,and you refuse to marry the  tamagotchis,change the time to 6:59 (do not change date though) wait one minute and then they'll wake up.go to the tv icon and go to dating show.It allow you to choose!Do this for as long as you like until you find the right tama!

  2. well to get married it takes 48 hours

  3. Yes you haf to do that day over

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