How is the population of the Earth counted and how many of us are there now?

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How is the population of the Earth counted and how many of us are there now?




  1. In Canada, the governemnt has s Census (A survey) it gets sent out to every household and you are required to fill it out and return it.(a certain percentage of households get a bigger package with more questions)

    This helps in determining population, average income, ages, number of childre, etc..

    I don't know what the rest of the world does, but I would guess something similar

  2. The USA & Russian, and of late Chinese space labs has a more accurate way of knowing. They send out probes by means of ultra sonic radio waves from outer space to detect live human beings.This is done by having the mean differential body temperature of a homo sapien and radio resonance of the DNA of a human being. that will get the most accurate count. the last count was 6,742,530,369 with a error margin of 0.025%.

    SCARY isn't it.

  3. World POPClock Projection

    According to the International Programs Center, U.S. Census Bureau, the total population of the World, projected to 06/06/08 at 13:29 GMT (EST+5) is

    6,672,448,229 - since i have posted my first answer it is now - 6,672,449,764

  4. Through censuses by the countries and again by UNO.

  5. 1 everyone else you meet is a figment of your imagination

  6. It's more like a rough estimate.

    6,672,438,890 people walk this earth today!

  7. I think they have a census in every country about every 10 years. It's about 6 billion atm. Too many!

  8. 6 Billion, they calculate all the birth and death rates etc.

    You'd wonder why nobody's blamed global warming on the 6 billion people here. You get 9 people in a small room it gets pretty freaking hot. now imagine 6 billion.....

  9. Go to Internet explorer and type in

  10. Well derrrr! you stand on the top fo everest & shout hands up all people who are alive then you count them I bet you thought it was done by census!

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