How has Italy's economy changed since 1950?

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-Italy has withdrawn from the European Union.

-Farming and tourism have become Italy's most important economic activities.

-More people are working in manufacturing and service industries.

-Small factories are slowly disappearing as large ones continue to replace them throughout the country.




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  3. Actually farming occupies only 4% of the Italian workforce, and the trend is negative. Maybe there is more involvement in farm goods transformation, which I think is one of the most important activities in Italy (just think about pasta and pasta sauce and olive oil). However, most of the wheat and olives are currently imported from abroad because it is less expensive, while EU farm crops subsidy is almost entirely taken off.

    That said, Italian economy is currently quite stagnant compared to the rest of the European countries. Indeed, Spain's GDP has just surpassed the one of Italy. However, while economy is going down, employment is high, but wages are almost lower than basics, prices are getting higher since the introduction of the euro, nobody can afford a mortgage, and severe depression is just next door.

  4. Joining the EEC and adopting the Euro are probably the biggest two things.

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