How do i find a picture of my family crest? i have seen it before but cant find it now.?

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How do i find a picture of my family crest? i have seen it before but cant find it now.

It has an animal on it with i cannot find on google at all

it is a cockatriece or something.

last name is Bothe. it is dutch, or german, or something.

pls help me!!!




  1. Bothe: Sable a cockatrice or, combed gules.

  2. Arrrrrrr do not get caught.  When you say your 'family crest' you have to be very careful.  There are companies around that sell you your family Crest - assuming your name is say Jones they sell you the family crest.  In fact, what they sell is family crests for some families - many, indeed the far greater majority of families who had family crests (not everyone was rich enough to) had their family crests lost in the enos of time.

    What you buy from the people who sell family crests is simply someone else's family crest.  Run a mile when you see all the surnames laid out and yours there to select.  Trully, if you do not believe me contact your local family history research club, or genalogical society and ask them what they think about buying a family crest - you need to do all the work and go back for generations upon generations and then try to find your family crest by tracing it back through the people you were actually related to.

    With regards to Bothe - remember many many people could not spell - lots of names were written a number of different ways.  Many people who inherited names from other cultures could not say them and the spelling was changed.

    If you really are interested - have a chat to the local family history group and start working on your family histroy - going back as far as you can - some people get back to the 1400s, 1300s - you will be amaged

  3. says a Cockatrice

    (small serpent) means "Terror to all beholders".

    This is a picture of a cockatrice:

    "Bothe" is listed on

    It describes it as "Coat of Arms: Blue with a gold fish below three silver fleur de lis." and costs $19.99 (they don't show the picture unless you by it). However a fish (means "A true, generous mind; virtuous for himself, not because of his heritage; also unity with Christ, spiritual nourishment") is NOT a cockatrice by any stretch of the imagination, gold or not (Gold (Or)  means Generosity and elevation of the mind )

    You could almost draw your own going by what is above--a fleur-de-lis is shown at has image of how to divide shield in sections, but the picture I saw was NOT divided. It was the blue shown in the top picture (per pale, color number 2) with the 3 silver fleur-de-lis evenly spaced across the top.

  4. I suspect you might be related to dutch ancestry. a cockatrice means power. Check some sites about Holland's royal family. Also, check the latin inscription of the crest

  5. Here You Go" "

    It Says Your Surname Is Dutch And The Picture Has A Fish In The Middle Of It.

    I Looked Up My Family Crest And It Was Right So I Hope This Was The One You Talked About.

    Good Luck :)

  6. There is no such thing as a family crest. A

    crest is part of a coat of arms. Coats of arms DO NOT belong to surnames.

    They were and are granted to individuals and are inherited by the direct legitimate male line descendants.  Only the oldest son gets his father's coat of arms.  All the other sons are entitled to one with some differentiation.

    Actually, there might have been more than one man named Bothe, not all necessarily related, that were each granted their own coat of arms, all different, and then it might be your Bothe ancestors were never granted a coat of arms.  No one peddler that sells them on the internet, at shopping malls, in airports, in magazines will have all of them. They don't need to in order to sell to people.  The only time they will have more than one is if more than one person with the same surname from different national origins were granted coats of arms.

    Then they will have one of each when in fact for some of the national origins there might have been several of each.

    House of Names has the following in fine print:  "We encourage you to study the Bothe genealogy to find out if you descend from someone who bore a particular family crest.  . . . . . .. . . . .No families, not even royal houses, can make sound claim to the right to bear arms unless a proven connection is made through attested genealogical records."  They use the misnomer "family crest."

    If you are a student and you have been asked to find your "family crest," please print off the links below and give them to your teacher.  I apologize if you aren't.  It just that we have a lot of students with nitwit teachers apparently giving assignment like this.  I couldn't care less if you give him/her a copy of what I have posted here.

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