How can i reach my goals in life?

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im 22 years old and i work in a dish pit full time. its boring, fast paced at times and i dont get respected at all. i have the city i live in and i hate my job. my dream is to move out of the city and live in a more rural area. the problem is i really dont know what to do about obtaining my goal,.. i was thinking of possibly starting a small business. my boyfriend would like to open a recording studio and i would like to maybe start my own small business aswell. any ideas for a small business i could run out in the country? any advice for how to get started on reaching my goals? thanks!




  1. It's good to have a dream of where you want to be in life.  Dreams are always able to be accomplished.  You just have to really want to tackle on your dreams and have the drive and stop at nothing until you get what you want.

    From my personal experience, starting a small business is a great idea you have.  There are so many opportunities out there for you.  I would suggest looking into home based business opportunities. They are simpler to do than a traditional small business, less over head expenses and they cost a lot less to start.  Most home based business cost under $500 but you have the same income opportunity as a traditional business.  I know a blog that you can go and take a look at.  A lot of business ideas from several different industries to look into as well as information on how to start one.

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