How can i hit higher notes vocaly? (im a Soprano)?

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How can i hit higher notes vocaly? (im a Soprano)?




  1. Practice scales to build your way up. Also, when reaching a high note, raise your eyebrows, drop your jaw, and stand up straight (which you should do, anyways). It may sound silly, but it helps. Another way? Just practce. I hit the high note in the song "Phantom of the Opera" by doing just that!

    Good luck with that note, fellow soprano! ^.^

  2. soprano its a pretty high tone of voice why do you want to go higher? any way warm up your vocal chords all the time with high range vocals in the mariah or whitney chiristina aguilera or ceilin dion and with time youll get there.

  3. Try scales and other normal exercises.  But don't think of it as higher.  If you try to go "high" you can push the sound up from your chest and make it sound nasal.

  4. Keep your chin down and practice your scales up to the higher notes.  Popping the note helps as well (think your little girl or boy voice if that helps) Also try vocal exercises so you don't strain your voice.

    These might help:

    Good luck!

  5. If you lower your jaw i think!!

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