How bad are the mosquitos in Perth?

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We are thinking of emigrating to Perth but my DH is allergic to mosquitos bites, how bad are mosquitos in Perth? Which areas of Perth are most affected? I thought staying by the sea would be safest but DH read that they are bad around the salt marshes and presumably they are near the coast.

We are visiting in July but I doubt we're going to get a realistic picture of how they would be in the summer




  1. My experience (also fairly allergic) is that its not a lot worse than parts of the UK. Avoiding some of the estuarine areas and anywhere that still has marsh/swamp areas will help, plus take precautions around dawn/dusk. In summer the problem is reduced by the drying up of many damp areas.

  2. Like most places - there are some, however not too many.

    There are a tiny bit more than England.

    No different to anywhere else in Australia.

    Much better than most countries in Asia.

    Places like Perth are better than places south of Mandurah.

    Good Luck, Hope this helps.

  3. If you don't live near the river or the lakes , you'll be fine. By the coast is good because Perth is the third windiest city in the world and mosquitoes don't like it windy .

    Summer isn't the worst season . Just before winter , they feed up and get ready for the cold weather .

    Avoid staying outdoors near sunset , that's when they are most active .

  4. Ross River virus risk for Perth and South-West

    The Department of Health is reminding people living or holidaying in the South-West of WA or the metropolitan area to take care against mosquito bites following an increase in reported cases of Ross River Virus (RRV) in recent weeks.

    Medical Entomologist Dr Michael Lindsay said 125 cases of RRV had been reported in WA since the beginning of October, compared to 77 cases for the same period last year.

    See link for more:

  5. i live near the beach on the coast in perth ,  it honestly depends on the garden . my garden is full tropical jungle with palm trees and i found that there were many around in the dark moist parts of the garden . the summer i would focus on just getting the flies away !!

    but i wouldn't fuss much on mosquitos we rarely get any here

  6. Sorry sweetie.  I live in Rockingham.  Last night alone I would have gotten 50 or so bites sitting out in my patio.  If I forget to wind my car window up at night I have a car full of them in the morning.  No mossies near the beach cause of the wind Brainteaser?  Pmsl.

  7. its terrible here but at least the companys have made candles and sprays, thankgod for that aye

  8. It depends on the time of year. in winter they're non-exsistant but in parts of summer they can get pretty bad espesially in the evening(though the flies are worse) but it does vary from year to year. Areas with wetlands and swamps are usually the worst affected.You will almost definatly get bitten a few times in the summer but they're not completly rampant.

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