Home consoles and game-specific gaming devices not going anywhere, says Sony

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Home consoles and game-specific gaming devices not going anywhere, says Sony
Even though the analysts are predicting that the home video game consoles and gaming-specific portable consoles will go out of demand in the not so distant future, Sony is still holding on to its optimism about the market relating to the aforementioned devices.
Speaking to The Verge at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show, Sony CEO Kaz Hirai made it clear that his company is still very much keen to invest in both home consoles and portable gaming devices.
The predictions being made by the gaming industry watch dogs about smartphones  and tablets to pretty much take over the entire market  does not seem to have punctured the confidence and faith of Sony in the two devices that have brought it a lot of success
over the years.
This optimism is not without merit though, as Hirai claimed that the company has been receiving a really positive response from the consumers using Sony’s most-recent portable gaming device PlayStation Vita have confirmed that there is still a market out
there for gamers who want game-specific devices.
“I think that based on the consumer feedback that we've been getting, there is certainly a very large segment of the video game market that is interested in playing immersive games on a game-specific device, as opposed to playing casual games on smartphones,”
Hirai said of the PlayStation Vita. “There is certainly a market for that as well, but again, there's that market where the physical buttons and the controls are very important for that intuitive and intricate gameplay control.”
Being equally optimistic about the home consoles, Hirai said that neither the gaming-specific devices nor home console such as the PlayStation 3 are going anywhere soon.
“Between that and also the home-based consoles as well, those aren't going to go away anytime soon,” he said.
While the people who have been following the predictions being given by the not-so-optimistic analysts and believing their word would be finding it hard to take the views of Hirai seriously, Sony has numbers to prove that its experience and understanding
of the market.
Rumour has it that Sony may be planning on releasing PlayStation 4 in the second half of this year, alongside the unconfirmed new Xbox.



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