Holiday in Cairo

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  1. The City of thousand Minarets is another name of Cairo, which is the capital city of Egypt. It is known for the Pyramids, the Sphinx of Giza and the myriad of old treasures at the Egyptian Museum. A vibrant, energetic city with beautiful bars, restaurants and shopping and perfect for a cultural city break or joined with a Nile cruise or one of Egypt's Red Sea beaches. Old Cairo or Al-Fustat was discovered in AD 648 near other Egyptian cities and villages, including the ancient Egyptian capital Memphis, Heliopolis, Giza and the Byzantine fortress of Babylon-in-Egypt.

    In recent times, Cairo draws visitors to the fabulous sights on the Giza plateau, the sights at Memphis, Fayhoum, Sakara and few of the oases in the nearby desert including Siwa and Baharaiya. Despite the mass of traffic reminders of the country’s old civilizations are significant throughout the city. A large amount of bars and restaurants provides a very moderate atmosphere making Cairo holidays enjoyable for a long weekend away. Majority of our Cairo hotels make for astonishing honeymoon settings. Joining the capital of Egypt with some of its other resorts can produce a diverse center dream holiday. Try combining Cairo with one of the Red Sea resorts such as Hurghada or Sharm el Sheikh for a beautiful city and beach stay. Or try to live in Petra in Jordan, home the 2000 year old Treasury after some days exploring Cairo. A visit into Cairo city makes the best opportunity to sample the delights of Cairo food.


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