High heels

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  1.  I just get inexpensive but quality boots and heels at

  2. You have wore the heel lift down until it fell off.  These are also called taps or tips. The plastic is held on by a metal  pin molded into it.  Some call it a nail.  In your boot heel is a metal tube that the lift pin is pushed into.  STOP WEARING your boots or the pin will push into the tube and big troubles.  You can take your boots to a shoe repair and they will put new lifts on for you, or you can order them on line and do it yourself.  I have myhusband do it in about five minutes.  Google heel tips or go on to ebay and you will find lots of them.  They come in several sizes and two sizes of the pins, so it is a little luck to get the right size the first time unless you order a selection.  It is natural for you to wear out the lifts so I order a bunch at a time..  Sometimes I can go through the plastic ones in only a few weeks.  Online from UK and Germany you can get metal ones.  The UK metal heel tips are the best I used.  The UK metal ones last me the life of my shoes or boots which is great because I wear heels to work everyday and hate it when a lift comes off during the day.  However some women don't like metal because they make a clicking sound when you walk and attract attention.  Personally I think it is a nice feminine sound and gives me a feeling of confidence and power.  Also metal maybe slipery on marble tiles and down hill ramps at first.  After a day or two your body adjusts for this. I hope this has answered your question and I wish you good luck.  Linda

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